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Some things just sound better when spoken in another language. Celebrate Valentine's Day with these affectionate terms of endearment from around the globe.

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Discover AAA inspectors' favorite places to stay and dine in the top 10 destinations for summer 2017 based on AAA travel bookings
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Orlando, Florida
Walt Disney World® Resort opened in the Orlando area in 1971, setting into motion a Florida tourism boom of grand proportions. With a clone of the West Coast’s Disneyland® Resort in their back yards, devotees of all things Mickey Mouse... Read More
Vancouver, British Columbia
Vancouver has won many accolades as one of the top cities…

Blogger and English teacher Heather Wolpert-Gawron asked her eighth grade students what they find most engaging in the classroom.

How to Respond to 3 Illegal Interview Questions - The Muse: Here are a illegal and unethical interview ques...

Commission members, charged with dealing with church unity and the homosexuality debate, talked about where they see potential points of agreement.

The site is only one of many unregulated online people-search services that offer up personal information with few safeguards on how it’s used.

King County will receive a $5.4 million grant from the federal government to help address youth homelessness.

If you’re homeless or living on a bare-bones income, transportation is a challenge. With even reduced fares out of reach, chances are you rely on Metro’s Human Services Ticket Program. This program was born of protest. Back in 1991, Seattle Housing and Resource Effort (SHARE) was spending most of their budget buying bus tickets so people could travel from their South Lake Union shelter to an overflow church on Capitol Hill. Nearly broke, they began...

There is much anonymity in a name
That first name, the name given at birth when a person is just a small, squirming bundle of possibilities, when neither the parents nor society they are born to knows who they are or what they could become. The name that becomes their legal identity until such time as they choose to change it.
Formal. Official. Human, but distant. An assessment of superficial traits assigned by others, through the lens of their experience.
Faith leaders and…

In his biennial budget, King County Executive Constantine calls for investments in transit, human services and environment, urges Legislature to act on tax r...

Growing cities combined with the impacts of climate change are contributing to a decline in water quality in Puget Sound. While the sound looks beautiful, it is increasingly polluted mostly due to stormwater pollution.

To earn a bear-resistant label, items such as ice chests and trash cans must survive an hour of mauling by grizzlies at a center in Montana

Call it autonomous driving, piloted driving, or assisted driving: The automobile is gradually taking over some of the chore of driving, and doing it with safety in mind. The 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class has helped pull that event horizon closer. It comes equipped with rafts of sensors, cameras, and algorithms that form a new safety net of features. These...

No, not the GT-R. This one is full of neat new AMG technology, like rear steering and active aero.

Southwest Airlines earned top marks on a number of categories during a recent Airfarewatchdog survey.

Midlands Gives, the 24-hour online giving challenge that raises money for great causes, is set to take place this coming Tuesday.

Record-breaking rainfall pouring over hard surfaces in our cities and neighborhoods has added pollution to our lakes, rivers, streams and Puget Sound.

This is Mercedes' first time offering an AMG badge on this vehicle, formerly known as the GLK-Class.

10 Small Steps That'll Help You Become the Best Version of Yourself: These 10 techniques will help you accomplish al...

A meta-analysis found that people on vegetarian diets lost around 4.4 pounds more than the control group who had no change in diet. Those who tried a vegan diet dropped 5.5 pounds more.

These songs are a representation of what South Carolina culture sounds and feels like.

Student activists convinced the country to care about campus sexual assault. Can they do the same for domestic violence, which is just as common on college campuses?