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Graduation marks an important milestone where we recognize a student’s hard work and send them out into the world to accomplish their next great achievement. As we watch them grow and develop into the unique individuals they are, it’s fun to see the characteristics they take on. Some graduates are free spirits, accepting what the Read More »

Get summer-ready with bold CALVIN KLEIN eyewear trends, which feature modern design elements from the iconic fashion and lifestyle brand.

The DKNY eyewear collection celebrates the spirit of New York, creating modern and confident looks for wherever the day may take you.

You've made the decision to try photochromic lenses. Now, you just need to pick out the perfect lens color that fits your style.

2019 award season is upon us. As we watch for the new fashion trends and styles to emerge, we will be paying special attention to the bold eyewear.

Colder weather mixed with hot air coming from your heater is a recipe for dry eyes. Dr. Fleming explains what you need to know.

The online eye exam trend is everywhere but is it as good as an in-person eye exam with your eye doctor? Here is what you need to know.

Starting vision care is so important right when the children are young and throughout the retirement years.

Need vision coverage when you retire
Whether you’re planning for retirement or are already retired, VSP® has options to keep you covered. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with keeping your doctor and saving money
Talk to your employer before retirement.
If you’re already getting VSP from your employer, there’s a chance they have retiree vision benefits in place. Find out what questions…

Whether open enrollment makes you yawn or say yikes – there are options to keep you and your family’s eye care and eye health covered. Open enrollment is the time of year where you can select your health, dental, and vision benefits. Since premiums, deductibles, co-pays, and network coverage can shift from year-to-year, it’s always Read More »

From nose-pinching pince-nez frames to the over sized lenses made popular by 1960s movie stars, eye wear styles have evolved over the past 100 years. See which looks your grandma might’ve rocked – some of them are back in fashion!

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