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The average person today knows very little about clock making. For many, it seems like an outdated practice, especially considering that most of the delicate procedures involved are now performed by machines. As technology has taken over the industry, the community of horological professionals has become smaller and more isolated. One such horologist by the name of John B. McLemore reached out to reporter Brian Reed…

Great World War Two era film (1943) by RKO-Pathe that encouraged American workers to make the best possible use of their time during the war when industrial ...

Figure 2. Left, an 18 size Hampden full hunter case pocket watch (ca. 1894). Right, a Longines 24-mm wide Art Deco-inspired rectangular wristwatch, ca. 1938. Note the considerable size difference between the watches
Figure 3. The Harwood self-winding (automatic) wristwatch, ca. late 1920s, movement view. Made in Britain. Accessed May 13, 2016.
Self-Winding Technology
The first self-winding (automatic) wristwatch (Figure 3) was invented in 1923…

Combatting Senior Hunger & Isolation
On this program, broadcasted July 3rd, “The Senior Zone” discussed the challenges and opportunities in combatting hunger & isolation among our older adults with Ms. Ellie Hollander, President & CEO, Meals on Wheels America .

For the 1-in-4 American seniors who live alone, the road to recovery after illness, injury or surgery is paved with many unknowns.

Susquehanna University has been accepted into the University Recognition Program of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute.

SAN DIEGO and WASHINGTON, May 23, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Dedicated to enabling seniors to successfully age...

Biology and Spanish double major Kara Eckert has been selected to participate in the Fulbright Summer Institute, while senior history major Rachel Baer has received a Fulbright to teach in Germany and Associate Professor of Anthropology John Bodinger de Uriarte has been awarded one to study and teach at the University of Iceland and the National Museum of Iceland.

Matthew Rousu, professor and Warehime chair of the Department of Economics, will become interim dean of the Sigmund Weis School of Business on May 1.