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October is here which means Halloween is right around the corner. We've picked our favorite DIY Halloween kids costumes that incorporate glasses.

Entreprenuer, Callista Polhemus lost her vision coverage when she left her full-time job. Thanks to individual vision insurance plans she can stay covered.

Did you know anti-reflective lens coatings play a big role in how you see, how you look, and how your eyes feel at the end of the day?

Flexon Eyewear is crafted from a technologically advanced memory metal that allows the frames to be bent or twisted and return to its original shape

Stories of real heroism from two women helping in the aftermath of the Indonesian earthquake.

Nick Ripatrazone '03 is the author of six books and a high school English teacher who teaches at Rutgers-Newark.

Hidden in an alcove deep in the National Watch and Clock Museum in Columbia, Pennsylvania, is a magnificent monumental clock. It is a beast! Not as big as most monumental clocks, The Engle Clock,…

Government and politics publication Washington Monthly ranks us among the nation’s top 40 liberal arts colleges.

Thousands are evacuating from coastal areas, a day before Typhoon Mangkhut is due to make landfall.

The average person today knows very little about clock making. For many, it seems like an outdated practice, especially considering that most of the delicate procedures involved are now performed by machines. As technology has taken over the industry, the community of horological professionals has become smaller and more isolated. One such horologist by the name of John B. McLemore reached out to reporter Brian Reed…

UGI Utilities, Inc. will begin a natural gas main replacement project on Franklin Street in the City of Wilkes-Barre beginning this week. This project is part of the Company’s multi-year infrastructure betterment initiative. The natural gas main replacement project will take place on North and South Franklin Street from West Union Street to West South Street. … Continue reading "UGI Announces Wilkes-Barre Infrastructure Project"

Nick Martell ’16 has landed a multi-book publishing deal with foreign rights from Saga Press for his forthcoming epic fantasy series The Kingdom of Liars.

Maximize your self-storage business by using features and benefits of the USSAN program and WebSelfStorage.

Great World War Two era film (1943) by RKO-Pathe that encouraged American workers to make the best possible use of their time during the war when industrial ...