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"Don't be scared to try," said Calder Hodge, who was brought to tears by the honor. "You can do anything you set your mind to."

Dear friend
We are so excited to celebrate Independence Day tomorrow. Our offices will be closed and the men and women we serve will be off with their friends and family celebrating the birth of our nation.
Thanks to you, they will also be celebrating their own independence.
At Woodhaven, we strive to empower the men and women we serve to live with dignity and independence in their own homes throughout the community. To see them truly accepted at their churches, greeted warmly…

Quality measures are being utilized for many purposes including reimbursement, penalties, accountability outcomes and cost reduction.

Core measures abstraction is becoming increasingly critical as healthcare systems move towards value-based care. This pocket card helps see signs of Sepsis.

Core measures abstraction is becoming increasingly critical as healthcare systems move towards value-based care.

Retirement was supposed to bring leisurely rounds of golf, fishing excursions and trips to visit lifelong friends. But Charles Gibson — a resident of Osage Beach known to friends and family as “Pooney” — had a life-changing experience when he learned he had stage 2 bladder cancer. Gibson was referred to University of Missouri Health Care urologic oncologist Katie Murray, DO, in the fall of 2018.

NBA staff recently gathered in St. Louis for our twice-a-year All-Staff Meeting. We call these meetings “Work and Play Days”, which are great opportunities t...

He has made it his goal to prove he is capable of succeeding, even though it may not look like it.

In this episode of NBA Stories, Rev. April Lewton (NBA Vice President of Development and Marketing) and Mark D. Anderson (NBA President and CEO) discuss some...

As an electrician, Steve Stockman spends most of his days with service boxes and circuit breakers, and at night, he turns up the voltage on the karaoke stage. “It’s fun sometimes to just pick a song that you’ve never sang before and get up in front of people and give it a try,” said Stockman. It wasn’t long ago, though, that Stockman thought his days singing karaoke were over. While shaving, he noticed a lump on the side of his throat.

The National Benevolent Association of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), through our Incubate Initiative, strives to encourage and support Disciple...

For years, Michele Alexander has been one of the biggest NASCAR fans in Columbia, Missouri. She never imagined that passion, though, would help fuel her through a battle with colorectal cancer and a race for her own life.

NBA Incubate Program Associate, Larry J. Morris III, recently went to Puerto Rico to celebrate with our new Incubate partner, Garden of Eden Health Center, a...

It’s probably no surprise that one-third of U. S. adults say they usually get less than the recommended amount of sleep. But how do you know if your child is getting enough rest? David Gozal, MD, a sleep specialist at University of Missouri Health Care, says parents should pay special attention to their children’s sleep habits, which could have long-term consequences. Q: What are the warning signs a parent might want to look out for?

From screening to long-term follow-up care, Ellis Fischel Cancer Center's doctors, nurses and researchers work collectively to consistently give our patients the most advanced and personalized care.

Ronnie Moore has changed his lifestyle after undergoing quadruple bypass heart surgery in September. He now works out five times a week, eats a healthier diet and has quit smoking.

Brian Montgomery was scanning Facebook in 2014 when he came across a post that said his beloved Missouri Tigers didn’t belong in the Southeastern Conference. He was limbering his thumbs for a rebuttal when he noticed a woman named Tara Lambert had beaten him to it. Her reply outlined the reasons the SEC was better off with Missouri in it. Montgomery was smitten. He sent her a message, and they learned more about each other during marathon phone conversations.

As a high school English teacher and father of two, Kyle Sterup spends much of his professional and personal time encouraging young people to do the right thing. The 39-year-old Kirksville resident does more than just talk a good game. In 2016, Sterup began thinking about becoming an altruistic kidney donor — someone who gives up a kidney to a stranger. He remembers hearing a radio program that discussed the long wait list for kidney transplant recipients. The idea surprised his wife at…

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Understanding mechanisms of apnea-related inflammation could lead to more precise treatments, improved outcomes for total health.

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Amputee Coalition’s Limb Loss Education Days (LLEDs) are your chance to connect with knowledgeable experts, recreation leaders, exhibitors and the limb loss community near you!