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Make your sipping storage dreams come true. Here’s how to make a glitter tumbler at home.

You have photos and mental notes to store the memories, but you need to learn how to store a wedding dress. Learn how to preserve your gown for years to come.

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The list of must haves for RV camping goes beyond bug spray and sleeping bags. A step up from tent tenants, RV adventurers need to pack add-ons like propane and pressure gauges. But the extra prep comes with perks.

Figuring out how to pack a suit in a garment bag can prove challenging. Learn how to pack a suit coat and/or slacks in any travel tote.

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Meet Engelbert and his unusual family! Engelbert’s adoption story is quite wonderful and so is the home he ended up in. Engelbert was languishing in a shelter when his dad, Steve, first saw him. Steve was at the shelter to get another dog, but that dog had already adopted so he went around the facility again and that’s when he spotted Engelbert.Engelbert had a long list of health problems, but Steve knew that if he didn’t take him, no one else would.“If you…

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers are on the lookout for a coyote after two reports in the same day, of attacks on dogs in Ute Valley Park.

...and my inner 12 year old self is yelling at the top of his lungs throughout. This guitar came out about 3 years ago now and it's been amazing seeing it go...

A blizzard is set to hit northern El Paso county later today with heavy snow, dangerous winds, and life-threatening conditions if you become stranded.

Use these natural tips for cleaning microwave messes easily and quickly. These methods help you avoid excessive scraping and scrubbing.

Your coin collection value could be worth more than pocket change—especially if it contains currencies from the 18th or 19th century. But what gives collectible coins their value?

Do little chores now before a mountain of mess reaches Everest-like elevation. Here are 4 tidying tips to keep the house clean.

Learn the exact steps you need to follow to aerate your lawn for a beautiful, lush yard. Included is information about aerating as well as need-to-know tips

With so many in existence, it can be tricky to find the value of antique coin banks. Here are some insider tips to help you guesstimate the worth of your antique piggy banks.

New windows are a valuable home improvement that can pay off in the form of decreased energy bills. But as April rears its ugly head, you may be asking yourself, "Are my new windows tax deductible?"

The weather outside may be frightful, but that doesn’t mean your garage door should be anything less than delightful. Cozy up and be inspired by some of our favorite winter looks.

From the East Coast to the West Coast, it's been cold all across the country, and you have to be very careful out there. Don't end up like these folks who kept slipping and sliding down their icy driveways.

Hardwood floors may be on trend, but they don't do anything to keep your house warm in the winter or cool in the summer. Learn how to blow insulation in your attic today:

For sale is this custom built clavichord kit. This particular example, serial number 001 K5, is in excellent all original condition and is modeled after the Dominicus Pisaurensis 1543 clavichord. Great sounding, being sold in complete and perfect working order. An amazing novelty and a tough inst...

You've seen them on storage TV shows, but have you experienced one for yourself? Storage auctions provide a unique opportunity to purchase the contents of an abandoned unit.

Dog's name and age: Rocco, 14 years Tell us the story of how you adopted your dog? Working at Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region I saw Rocco was in and out of the shelter multiple times. My job was to promote adoptables on TV, radio, etc. and I tried just about everything to showcase what a wonderful dog he is. Day after day, Rocco sat in his kennel with no visitors, and no adopter prospects.