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The Colorado Rocky Mountains experienced another record snowfall winter that just won't stop. Yesterday we got 10" in Colorado Springs and some mountain regions got another 20" on top of 18" a few days earlier. The high mountains currently have 20 FEET to 40 FEET of snow. ALL dirt mountain passes are still closed and will be closed for another 30 - 45 days. State Highway 82 (pictured above) into Aspen will be closed until June and Cottonwood pass will likely stay…

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Celebrate the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with Us Here at Winslow BMW of Colorado Springs | Winslow BMW of Colorado Springs

Plumbing systems and drains cost homeowners time and money more than any other source of water loss. It only takes a small amount of water soaking into floors, walls or cabinets from a faulty pipe, or bubbling up from a backed-up sewer drain to cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home or business. An IBHS study of closed water damage insurance claims identified plumbing pipes and drain systems as leading causes of interior water damage.

LPL Financial Research believes resolution in global uncertainty could help the 10-year Treasury yield make a run to potentially hit 3% by year end.

Trade dispute driving increased volatility, but markets continue to price in an eventual deal; Slowing economy weighing on bond yields, but potential for reversal ahead; Dollar looks increasingly stretched; Rates and inflation disconnect; NEW Market Signals podcast

Schools in Colorado are desperate for money for security. Take last year; state legislators offered $30 million in funding, and they got double that in requests.

Outdated technology in your customers' environments is a problem for many MSPs. So, when should you have the technology refresh conversation?

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Nowadays, a password – no matter how formidable – just isn’t enough to protect the throne. With all the critical information we store online, Two-Factor Authentication adds an important security step to help your devices confirm that the person trying to log in is, well, you.

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A spring storm brings wet, heavy snow to southern Colorado, causing tree branches to snap and rough road conditions.

World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development will take place on May 21st. Each year, the United Nations leads the celebration by hosting events, running campaigns, and promoting the message of embracing cultural diversity around the world. This year, we have put together a list of resources about cultural diversity to help you …

A telecom merger that has been years in the making is poised to clear a major regulatory hurdle. Ajit Pai, the Federal Communications Commission chairman,

Updated at 3:30 p.m. ET Ford is eliminating about 7,000 white-collar jobs — or about 10% of its salaried workforce — as part of a previously announced

Chad Gray of Mudvayne and Hellyeah fame called into the 5 O’ Clock Road Rage to hype up Hellyeah’s new single and album “Welcome Home” plus talk up the metal legacy of late Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul. Check out the interview in the player below.

Highlights from Discovery High School's graduation at Mesa Ridge HIgh School Friday, May 17, 2019. Photos by Casey Bradley Gent

Access to clean drinking water and sanitation is a basic human right, according to the United Nations. However billions of people around the world continue to drink contaminated water and suffer the consequences. This includes a number of dangerous diseases, including diarrhea diseases and cholera. When humanitarian travellers make their way to communities where development …

The Pikes Peak Children's Water Festival will occur May 17, 2019. It gives fourth-grade students a chance to learn about water, wildlife, and pollution in a ...

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Native American rights in a 5-4 decision in a case out of Wyoming. Justice Neil Gorsuch, the only Westerner on the

Make your sipping storage dreams come true. Here’s how to make a glitter tumbler at home.

LPL Financial Research expects S&P 500 earnings to be flat in the first quarter, a good result considering trade uncertainty and a strong U.S. dollar.

Humanitarians travel the world to the places where help is needed most. Many work in the aid sector, while others participate as volunteers offering their skills for free. Humanitarian travel is different from going abroad on vacation. It requires adapting to new environments, working with a culture that’s not your own, and facing many other challenges. Because humanitarians travel to areas affected by conflict, disaster, or…

In Africa, civil wars and suffering are frequent phenomena. Those tragic events are still happening even today as we speak. But, we have to remember that life on the continent that houses 1.1 billion people is getting better. There is a growing number of middle-class people living in Africa, partly because of the help received in the last decades. However, there still is a lot of work to be done.

CMoore of Colorado highlights a little-known hidden gem or a place we see or hear of all the time that has a historical significance you didn't know about.

Too often misleading or confusing press releases are sent to the media, not only upsetting reporters but increasing the likelihood of you being blacklisted from their inboxes. To prevent this from happening to you, plan accordingly.

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