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Health Care Services: How Do I Get Started?. AspenPointe is a leading behavioral health care provider that has created help and hope for Southern Colorado residents for over 130 years. AspenPointe org

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers are on the lookout for a coyote after two reports in the same day, of attacks on dogs in Ute Valley Park.

Colorado Springs School District 11 - Board of Education Meetings, Minutes, and Supporting Information

Monday: JV Meet at Lewis Palmer High School. Those kids are excused after 6th period. The bus leaves at 2:15 and comes back after 7:30pm. Practice is at Garry Berry 3:30-5:30 for everyone not in this meet. If the meet is canceled, everyone practices at Garry Berry
Tuesday: @Doherty 3:25-5:30
Wednesday: @Doherty 3:25-5:30. Varsity Relays running at Cherry Creek Friday night will have Practice at 7:30…

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Colorado Springs School District 11 - Board of Education Meetings, Minutes, and Supporting Information

Public education represents one of America’s greatest assets. The strength of our nation has been, and always will be, inextricably linked to the quality of our public schools
Just as public schools bring us together as a country, they create a collective base of knowledge that is foundational to our democracy. To ensure our nation’s future success, we must cultivate broad public confidence in our system…

A blizzard is set to hit northern El Paso county later today with heavy snow, dangerous winds, and life-threatening conditions if you become stranded.

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Colorado Springs School District 11 will build a primary-care health clinic for the community at Mitchell High School, in concert with Peak Vista Community Health Centers, the board of education

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