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When you set out to acquire an automobile, you are faced with the “lease vs. buy” decision. This is one of those classic decisions for which there is no absolute “right” answer. The best decision r…

The car, automobile, motor car or autocar usually has four-wheels and is a vehicle that uses its own motor engine system to transport passengers over purposely built roads
In 1769 Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot of France arguably invented the first full-scale, self propelled mechanical vehicle or automobile. It was a steam-powered tricycle
In 1807 Nicéphore Niépce and his brother Claude are believed to have built the world's first…

Aston Martin is in the early stages of an aggressive revamp of its lineup that began last year with the arrival of the DB11. Next up should be the 2018 Vantage, a prototype of which was caught on video recently during winter testing.In the short clip, you can see the familial resemblance to the DB11...

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Earlier this year, Edward Humes slammed the primacy of the automobile in American life, calling it “absurd” and worse. “Considering the constant fatalities, rampant pollution, and exorbitant costs of ownership, there is no better word to characterize the car’s dominance than insane,” he said. Is he right? Three auto industry experts debated the Humes article during a recent [...]

A digital rendering of a Jeep Grand Cherokee appears on the monitor. Suddenly, a virtual spray of water splashes over the vehicle. As it spreads across the Jeep’s profile, you see how the liquid flows and coagulates over sheetmetal, windscreen, and tires.It’s the kind of next-level simulation automakers increasingly deploy as they face mounting pressure...

Automobile Magazine names the new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray its Automobile of the Year.

MAR 16, 2016 - Chicken-fried eggs, pancakes, muffins and more are coming soon to an Automobile Alley near you
In today's paper, downtown reporter Steve Lackmeyer writes about the district's first breakfast and lunch diner, which will open this summer in the Buick Building
Hatch Early Mood Food, 1101 N Broadway, will be located next to Broadway 10 Chophouse and across the street from Sidecar, 1100…

The Chevy Camaro went on sale in September 1966 and dealers had no trouble moving more than 220,000 of them in the first year.

Today marks Henry Ford's 152nd birthday. Here's to the man who put the world on wheels so it could go further into the modern age. Discover more Ford Just Fo...

The Internal Revenue Service has issued guidance updating the limitations on depreciation deductions for new automobiles.

Electricity for cars is only as clean as the fuel that’s used to produce it.

Award-winning film examines our unsustainable reliance on automobiles for transportation, how we got here, and why bikes are the answer

Digitalization may level the playing field for auto suppliers as the industry faces disruptions in the form of driverless cars and direct-to-consumer manufacturers.

There’s a kind of perfection in experiencing something in its natural environment — like a V-8 muscle car hurtling down Detroit’s Woodward Avenue or a vintage Ferrari flying along the Mille Miglia. While artist Chris LaBrooy understands and appreciates an automobile’s ideal context, he enjoys wistfully twisting and contorting cars he loves within the fully...

We set out to find the cheapest cars for sale that achieve 40 mpg in EPA testing and were surprised to find exactly ten 40-mpg cars that cost under $20,000.

Honda, Toyota, Hyundai and others are seeking out technology and expertise from the Israeli automotive startup scene.

An ex-Googler and a former Bain consultant reveal how they leverage hectic travel schedules to help build their successful jewelry company.

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