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We are getting ready for you! 2018 school year with Kindergarten Teacher Teresa Gallegos from Wilson Elementary School

Four people have been arrested in connection to nine robberies over the course of five days which primarily targeted gas stations.

A brush fire burning along I-70 has forced the closure of the highway in both directions through the De Beque Canyon.

The Fremont County Sheriff's Office has arrested one man in connection to an altercation where the victim was stabbed in the head in Cañon City, Tuesday.

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An all-analog boost and drive pedal, with high-quality voicings, EQ, and clipping options.

Looking at some SAS code that was working very hard to figure out what directory to use for default output I was reminded of a macro that Tom Hoffman created for me almost 20 years ago that I still use all of the time. So I have posted a version of it on github The idea is simple. Crea...

In a previous post on SAS Data Studio, I showed how you could use the Code transform to create a Unique Identifier and Cluster records. SAS Data Studio 2.2 which is powered by SAS Viya 3.4, now has built-in transforms to perform these functions and you no longer need to write your own code. In th...

With government IT modernization efforts ramping up, many agencies are choosing the powerful analytics offered by the SAS Platform and its SAS Viya products. They Wake County Revenue Department is using SAS machine learning to reforecast more than 400,000 property values every time a property is sold.

Are you in denial about what happens to your skin when it encounters sun damage? The redness, the pain, the peeling, sunburn blisters- you may think it’s just a few days of discomfort and that a

Learn the ins-and-outs of two model synth setups, one basic and one a bit more advanced, and explore the possibilities a hardware rig.

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Several weeks ago, I wrote about practical advice from a Chief Data Scientist in my blog “From Aristotle to Pi: Practical advice from a chief data scientist.

Amazon’s Home Services can connect you with vetted professionals to do tasks like assemble furniture, set up your technology, or organize your closet.

Many purists insist that their all-tube amps should not contain a solid-state rectifier, but what are the real differences in this essential component?

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In the oil industry you can make or lose money based on how good your forecasts are, so I’ve pulled together six papers that discuss different ways in which you can leverage analytics to optimize your output and more accurately predict your production performance.

Joanne Shaw Taylor's blues guitar caught the ears of Eurythmics Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox, who immediately dubbed her "the new face of the blues." Raised...

My colleague, Robert Allison, recently published an interesting visualization of the relationship between chess ratings and age.