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There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this year's midterm election, when it comes to counting the ballots .

A teen boy is now facing murder charges for a shooting that killed another teen at Runyon Lake last month.

Guitars with onboard synths, FM antennas, or digital effects? These instruments failed to meet large audiences in their time.

Laurie Frydendall and her family have turned trips to the library into a tradition. Her daughters have grown up at the library and are learning the many ways that libraries can help you in life
“We started attending library programming when my girls were toddlers and we would come to Storytime each week. It was important to me to instill a love of learning at a very early age and the library was just the place to do that! It was a rite…

The lush productions from '50s and '60s Nashville have many elements—rich vocals, tremolo-drenched guitars, and more—that you can use in your own recordings.

Christy Sports Press Room
LAKEWOOD, Colo. – Christy Sports LLC, one of the largest winter sports specialty retailers in the nation, today announced that it has acquired Cottam’s Ski Shops, Inc., a specialty snow sports rental & retail operator. Cottam’s currently operates in New Mexico out of four locations in Taos, one location in Santa Fe, and through a licensee location in Angel Fire. The…

This report, sponsored by SAS, Intel and Accenture and conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, looks at how businesses are using advanced customer data analytics, along with real-time analytics and real-time marketing, to enhance their customers’ experiences.

When describing their business model, our customer, Epipoli (one of the leading gift card companies in Europe), tells the story of the ancient Limoncello makers of Italy.

Did you know that the roof represents 5-10% of the total cost of a building construction, and more than 70% of the cost of litigation is due to its

Cubase 10 gets a new user interface and tons of features that put a premium on efficiency. Tailor tracks, correct pitches, and apply plugins quickly.

You have your guitar, you have your tone—now it's time to capture it. Here's the simplest, quickest ways to record your tunes.