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Parents are more familiar with dental crowns because they might have dental crowns themselves. Why would you elect to put a “crown” on a baby tooth?

This is my entry for the TLC Refractive Excellence scholarship. I describe some considerations for LASIK as an option for people who need glasses or contact ...

A Henry Ford pediatrician explains the role of play in physical, social and emotional development and gives tips about how to make time for play.

If you’re a leader, you got to where you are because you think strategically and are killer at execution. You simply can’t get far without being good at both. Now that you’re in charge of people, though, your ability to increase impact depends on how well you manage other people. You need your team to become smarter, sharper, A-players.

We’ve written about the potential harm of consuming too many liquid dental villains but there are other surprising items that can damage the kids teeth!

Eruption times vary for every child. It’s okay to be proud of your babies when they cut teeth “early!” But it’s also okay when it seems to be slow going. There is really nothing wrong with early or late eruption and there isn’t anything that you can do to change it (though a pediatric dentist …

In the battle against tooth decay, fluoride is an important weapon. Since the discovery of its dental health benefits a century ago, fluoride has been credited with saving countless teeth.But over its history in dental care, this natural-occurring chemical has also had its share of controversy with

A New Jersey woman has tested positive for hepatitis B after undergoing surgery at a healthcare facility where infection control lapses potentially exposed more than 3,700 patients to HIV and hepatitis, reports Reuters.

The Sterile Processing Program Certification is designed to recognize excellence in an organization's sterile processing department.

Everyone experiences stress – whether on the job, at home or in family and personal life. No matter how you handle tense or frustrating situations, it is important to determine what you can do to manage your stress. Studies link higher levels of stress with heart disease, high blood pressure ...

It feels like advice about nutrition and what's on the list of "forbidden" or "recommended" foods to eat changes all the time. Our registered dietitian nutritionists help sort through the noise. Here are our most popular articles on nutrition and diet trends in 2018.

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When is the best time to floss your teeth: Morning? Bedtime? How about: whenever and wherever the moment feels right?
For Cam Newton, award-winning NFL quarterback for the Carolina Panthers, the answer is clearly the latter. During the third quarter of the 2016 season-opener between his team and th

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A dry mouth is uncomfortable for kids and adults alike. Kids lose appetite or may ask for sugary drinks to relieve their dry mouth. Sometimes kids can’t even tell why they’re uncomfortable. They might be fussy at bedtime. Kids may want to eat again or end up drinking too much water– and for younger kiddies, …

Behavioral Health Services (BHS) provides a full range of services for persons with severe and persistent mental illness and/or individuals with emotional well-being needs to achieve a maximum level of independence, community integration, and satisfaction with life. Our continuum of care stretches across the state assisting persons with intensive and varying acuity needs. Whether someone needs 24 hour therapeutic supports, personal care, community living support, benefit…