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Have you ever wondered why countries have nicknames and how did they get them? Some come from ancient history, others from geographical features, while others still are simply stereotypes. Here are 11 of the most beautiful nicknames we use for countries the world over, to brighten up your next travel destination!

Unlike airline passengers, who need only prepare for their flights by buying a ticking, showing up at the airport, and listening to a short set of safety instructions, astronauts must undergo long periods of rigorous training for their trip. Astronauts also share what space travel has taught them about travel on Earth!

The nation’s aviation security agency is beginning a test at 15 U.S. airports of new three-dimensional X-ray scanners that may someday allow passengers to The Transportation Security Administration plans to add as many as 40 units -- the same as CT scanners used in the medical world -- at additional airports by the end of the year, TSA said in a press release Monday. It plans to have more than 145 in airports by October 2019, along with 16 at federal test facilities.

Did you know that if you owe taxes, you could be denied a passport? According to the IRS, over 300,000 Americans with “seriously delinquent” overdue tax payments will be denied passports or passport renewals if they do not pay the money they owe.

Over three-quarters of travel programs search expense reports for out-of-policy expenses, according to a Global Business Travel Association and AirPlus International survey between Jan. 17 and Feb. 1, 2018 of 163 U.S.-based travel managers, travel buyers and procurement officers who had at least some input into decisions about payment solutions providers and policies. Here's more of what the study found.

Nothing will ruin your beach vacation faster than a sunburn. Get scorched, and suddenly everything that was meant to be fun isn’t: Massages at the spa Hotel guests spend an average of $26 more per person, per day on poolside food and beverage service when there’s a complimentary SnappyScreen booth nearby.

Whether you regard your next flight as a chance to kick back and relax or a valuable window to catch up on lost work may depend on where you live, Whether you regard your next flight as a chance to kick back and relax or a valuable window to catch up on lost work may depend on where you live

Capital District YMCA Hannah White was promoted to wellness director at Troy YMCA. White previously served as a wellness coordinator at the Schenectady branch. Catherine Van Orden was promoted to w…

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