Business in Tremont - Cleveland, OH

A report from the Environmental Working Group shows that several products from big-name cereal brands contain surprising levels of Roundup.

The US Food and Drug Administration on Thursday announced the approval of the first generic version of EpiPen.

She never left the church for the charts, but she brought it with her on the way.

The actor wants to get you paid in the book trailer for Gary Shteyngart’s latest novel.

A one-two punch of red tide and algae-filled lake water releases have had a devastating effect on sea life in Southwest Florida.

The news of Aretha Franklin's death on Thursday sent shock waves across the world—and here at home in Cleveland. She will be remembered for many reasons in Northeast Ohio, not the least of which is her legacy as the first woman to ever be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Franklin was inducted into the Hall of Fame on Jan. 3, 1987.

Toyota has had problems with sudden acceleration in some of its models. Now a local man said it's happened to him, too.

I think he fudged some of the details of the story but still funny.

Thieves in Georgia were must’ve been craving a savory snack, as they made off with nearly $100,000 worth of ramen noodles, authorities with the Fayette County Sheriff's Office said.

Two women visiting from Pittsburgh were robbed at gunpoint by two males while they were outside a Tremont bar waiting for an Uber, according to a Cleveland police report.

John Lennon's 1971 album turned to film in 1972 and is getting a well-justified re-look in the 21st century.

Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin is dead at the age of 76. The Grammy winning singer had reportedly been battling cancer. Her music spanned several genres, including gospel, jazz, soul, pop and R&B.