Business in Indurstrial Valley - Cleveland, OH

High schoolers in Beachwood team up to create the world's longest sandwich line to fight hunger in Cleveland.

The series first season reaches its midpoint with a scary episode that captures everything it’s doing right.

After nobody won the most recent Mega Millions drawing, the jackpot prize for Tuesday is expected to approach record territory.

The Ohio State University Marching Band took on a new challenge during their halftime performance on Saturday.

A long line of people stretched down the street and around a corner in Amsterdam, New York, Friday evening as mourners waited to to enter St. Stanislaus Roman Catholic Church.

The City Club serves Cleveland with programs that convene leaders, engage citizens, and provide all of our communities with a free speech forum where they can engage with the issues that shape our ...

Find out why Motley Crue was feeling good on this day in 1989 and how Eric Clapton got in trouble with the police in '04

With a dominant final three quarters, SUU ran away from Sacramento State 48-27 to get its first victory of the season on Oct. 13.

The unsightly and unsanitary problem of illegal dumping has plagued Cleveland's Mt. Pleasant neighborhood for years. On Saturday, however, the neighborhood scored a victory as a neighbor's watchful eye stopped an illegal dumper in the act.

Even at a young age, while living in Cleveland’s Collinwood neighborhood, I understood that some areas were considered “better” or “safer” than…

The Dixie State Trailblazers gritted out a 17-10 win in a big defensive performance at home against the Western Colorado Mountaineers on Oct. 13.