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The odds of dying from opioid drugs during your lifetime are 1 in 96 — and probably higher if you're a woman.

These seven problems with extended warranties also are seven reasons consumers are turning to on-demand insurance.

A woman can get nominated for Best Director, but only if her work is head and shoulders above her male peers’.

Thank the Tahitian gods, Bravo would never end a season as spectacular as this one with easy guests.

The Iron County School Board heard presentations and took pubilc comment Tuesday, but members said they would not take an immediate vote on the issue.

David DeMille, a familiar name in Southern Utah, has been named top local editor at The Spectrum.

Stark County Pastor Noah Schumacher relied on his faith when he made the decision to give up part of his liver to save the life of a child that he has never met.

In “Reigns” you play as the ruler of an unnamed fantasy kingdom. It’s your job to keep the various factions of your kingdom happy.

If you're like me and your kids get bored with the 27 (real number) of cereal boxes half-eaten in the pantry, here's something that should hopefully excite them. Look for them on store shelves soon!

Page partnered with two engineers to recreate the heavily modified amp he used on Led Zeppelin's debut album.

Protecting privacy, security and your Sovereign Data in the GDPR era.

The collection includes items used by Green Day both on stage and in the studio over the past three decades.