Business in Edgewater - Cleveland, OH

US President Donald Trump wants it to end to protect national security. But his wife, First Lady Melania Trump who immigrated to the US from Slovenia, just used chain migration to make her mother and father naturalized US citizens last Thursday.

Five of the Cavs' seven national-TV appearances will be on NBA TV. And after appearing on ESPN, TNT and ABC a combined 102 times the last four seasons, the Cavs have two contests scheduled on the networks in 2018-19 — a pair of ESPN broadcasts. Plus, Sports Illustrated looks at Cleveland's mustard wars and Platform Beer has a Cleveland soccer-themed brew.

Sometimes you might think getting paid under the table is the way to go. After all, it's (ostensibly) unreported cash, so no taxes, right? (Wrong.) Sure, there may be valid reasons why you want to be paid off the books, but...

Paul Mills, an assistant professor of marketing at the Monte Ahuja College of Business, will oversee curriculum development, research and industry training and outreach efforts at the center. The center was created earlier this year with a focus on 'developing advanced educational programing in professional sales that provides the analytic skills, market knowledge and customer focus that are required for a successful career.'

The world (and the internet) is full of medical bill horror stories, from massive costs for uninsured patients undergoing extensive treatments to denied insurance claims wreaking havoc on families and loved ones. Getting stuck with a large medical bill...

Pale Waves release a new song — plus, check out new videos from From Ashes To New, YUNGBLUD, Abandoned By Bears and more.

Throughout the school year, we waste a ton of paper, cardboard, markers, pens, pencils, tissues, napkins... shall we go on?

The private equity firm, co-headquartered in Cleveland and Dallas, marks its first add-on deal to Kentucky-based ISA with the combination. No headcount reductions are expected as part of the transaction.

Bands like The Used, Senses Fail and Underoath helped redefine the Screamo sub-genre in the early 2000s and rightfully made household names for themselves in...

Eric Clapton.guests on a former touring-band member's track, and provides some great guitar on a brilliant track called "Everything You Need" Hear it now...

Last month, Pinellas County sheriffs declined to press charges after Michael Drejka gunned down Markeis McGlockton in a convenience store parking lot, claiming the shooting was

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This is a list of labor unions in the United States. Unions exist to represent the interests of workers, who labor Relations Act 1935]] is the primary statute which gives US unions rights. The rights of members are governed by the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act 1959 . List Below
Public school employees including but not limited to…

Was your workplace accident caused by a safety violation? You may be entitled to an additional monetary award. Call 216-861-1234 for your FREE consultation today!

Teachers Beware! America is known for being a litigious society, and no one is immune from a lawsuit, not even a beloved teacher. Though in many instances, a school or school district is named as a defendant in a...

Today I noticed this whitepaper titled: Persistent Memory Performance on vSphere 6.7. An intriguing topic for sure as it is something “relatively new and something I haven’t encountered too much in the field. Yes, I talk about Persistent Memory, aka NVDIMMs, in my talks usually but then it typically relates to vSAN. I have not […]

The Greenville Fire Department has accepted the challenge with a fantastic medley that includes "My House" and "Sexy And I Know It"

Planning a wedding can certainly be stressful, there’s no doubt about that. You’d think that choosing songs for your entrance, the bouquet toss or your first dance would be easy but there’s actually a lot of pressure that comes with it.

Even if you weren't a fan of "The Office" (and why weren't you??), you'll love this!