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Our same day cleaning services ensures you're never left to clean up the mess! Need a quick house cleaning today? The Maids offers same day services to take the load off your shoulders. Call 877-410-6243 now for a free estimate!

Whenever you tuck your child into bed, choose an outfit for the day or just walk by their room, you see it … the clutter. Clothes piled up on floor, toys strewn about and who knows what underneath the bed. Even if you close the door, it’s there, nagging at the back of your brain. A child’s …

Ah-choo! Bummer, spring is here and instead of enjoying the sweet smells of budding trees and fragrant flowers, you’re sniffling, sneezing and have a runny nose, all common symptoms of spring allergies. As trees, grass and flowers push to quickly grow, they release tiny grains or pollen in the air to fertilize other plants. For some of us, our body sees the …

Tips To Keep Your Fridge Looking Fresh Your refrigerator works hard. Its handles get grabbed with sticky, germy fingers. Its exterior is covered with reminder notes, photos and precious scraps of artwork. And it gets opened dozens of times of day and rummaged through for everything from quick snacks to dinner essentials. So, it begs one to wonder, why does …

Everyone is different and we all have different motivators when it comes to keeping our homes clean.

You are doing more with less, like cleaning more things in less time and with less effort. For today’s sparkling home, it’s all about working smarter, not harder. And while that may mean having a little muscle in your corner (hint, hint) or doing it all yourself, the favorite blogs of 2018 show you love to keep it clean. Can I Afford A Maid Service This is the million–dollar question we get asked all …

Having a healthy, organized space is attainable, you just need a boost to get started. That’s where we come in! Here are some housecleaning resolutions!

When is the last time you cleaned these easily forgotten places? We make your home as clean as it can be by deep cleaning your entire house every visit.

Planning the perfect Halloween party shouldn’t be a horrifying experience. It actually can be easier than you think! Here are five spooktacular tips!

Come home to a shining abode. The Maids provides the very best in professional home cleaning services. Check out our various cleaning services.

We use a patented 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System. This strategic, methodic cleaning approach features environmentally preferable products.

Who uses residential cleaning services? The type of people most likely to hire a residential cleaning service may surprise you.

With all the talk of leprechauns and magic this month, we couldn’t help sensing the similarities between our favorite fairy tales and what we do for our customers with every visit.

To the Marvelous Minds at The Maids, In addition to being not-so-strangely addicted to the freshly-cleaned home smell your team always leaves behind...

For those that decide to use a maid service, choosing the right one is a thoughtful and personal process and one that usually includes these five tips.