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In the Federal Register, EPA said “critical questions remained regarding the significance of the data” that show chlorpyrifos causes neurological harm to young children.

Bryce Harper pumped his fist in the air after he dove into second base. One batter later, Rhys Hoskins threw a pretty good uppercut to the sky as he danced back toward first to cap off a four-run seventh inning.
At the final stop following a rollercoaster ride

The Phillies have just enough time to head home, sleep for a few hours, guzzle a few cups of coffee, pack for a five-game road trip and head back to Citizens Bank Park to try and salvage a split Thursday afternoon against the Dodgers.
At least the Dodgers

Bryce Harper celebrated his big moment between second and third base late Tuesday night at Citizens Bank Park. He jumped in the air, pumped his fists and waited for his teammates to join him.
The Phillies needed this one.
Harper capped a wild, desperately needed 9-8 victory over

Sometimes, the road seems too difficult. The journey can be long, the path uncertain, and the end nowhere in sight. It seems so much easier to turn around, t...