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If you are a victim of an accident with a large truck crash caused by someone else, contact truck accident lawyers at the Dolman Law Group.

The American Red Cross is helping across 60,000 square miles of the southeast, a response which could grow as flooding continues in the coming days.

Real bride/model/singer/body positive warrior shares first-hand advice on how to stay body positive while wedding dress shopping.

Helping Drivers and Passengers of Lyft Accidents in Florida Ride-share apps like Lyft provide a helpful service to Sarasota residents, but accidents still happen. Whether you are a driver or a passenger with Lyft, Florida gives you the righ

Getting hurt by a Lyft driver is not something that you expect when you use an app to find a ride. It’s something that could happen when...

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Whether you are the passenger or the other motor vehicle involved in an accident with ride-sharing companies such as Uber or Lyft, there are certain rights

There are no highway signs that designate no-zones around large trucks. This is because no-zones are moving areas surrounding large vehic...

Prescribing Contraindicated Medication is Medical Malpractice Medical error is one of the unofficial leading causes of death not only in the country, but

Former rap mogul Marion "Suge" Knight agreed to serve nearly 30 years in prison for running over and killing a businessman.

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