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TEHRAN: Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Tuesday that the Islamic republic will keep rolling back its commitments under the landmark 2015 nuclear deal. "You did not carry out a single one of your commitments, why do you want us to stick to our commitments?" Khamenei said, criticising European countries which are party to the deal. "We have just started to decrease our commitments in the deal and this process will certainly continue," he said in a speech in Tehran partly…

BEIRUT - Ibrahim Zeeb is visiting Lebanon for the first time in years and says it's the food he has missed most. "The best breakfast we'll find anywhere is here," said Zeeb as he waited with his children at Beirut airport for a relative flying in to join them from Saudi Arabia. Lebanon is hoping for its best tourist season since 2010, thanks to a rise in European visitors and a return of Saudis, whose government lifted a travel warning this year. Once…

Climatologists have calculated the record-breaking heatwave which hit France and other European countries in recent weeks was made at least five and even possibly 100 times more likely by the climate crisis, according to The Guardian. The researchers released a report on Tuesday which said the heatwaves are nearly 4C hotter than a century ago and are becoming more frequent and severe than previous climate models predicted. Europe and other locations around the world had the hottest June on

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Zimbabwe's High Court deferred a decision on whether or not to free a pro-democracy activist pastor who was detained during the violent anti-government protests on Friday as Amnesty International released a report condemning the crackdown by Zimbabwean security forces, according to Reuters. Evan Mawarire was arrested last week and previously led a national shutdown against former strongman leader Robert Mugabe in 2016. Mawarire is accused of feeding the unrest so prosecutors argued against a

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet Greek leaders in Athens on Friday for the first time since 2014 to discuss economic reforms, according to Reuters. Last week opposition leader opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced the visit from the German leader while also taking a jab at the Syriza-led government led by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. “I have a good personal relationship with her and hopefully, if that is the will of the Greek people, I look forward to working with her after

Colorado Republican Sen. Cory Gardner became the first to call on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to end the government shutdown over President Donald Trump's demand for funding a southern border wall on Friday, according to Newsweek. The ongoing shutdown entered its 14th day after Democrats in the House of Representatives voted on a plan that would reopen the Department of Homeland Security through early February and the rest of the shuttered federal government through the end of

Trump's response comes after Kim said in his New Year Speech that he wants good relations with the US but could consider a change of approach if Washington

The United States and China trade war has cost each country billions of dollars in losses during 2018, according to Reuters. The industries hit the hardest included automotive, technology, and agriculture. Economists detailed how both Washington and Beijing have struggled amid the ongoing fight, but the more specialized industries were suffering the most, such as the U.S. soybean market. The losses will likely inspire President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping to resolve the trade