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A shipwreck amid dense North Atlantic ice in 1856 had one survivor. His story helped spur a long battle to mandate watertight compartments in American vessels to improve safety.

As Central American teens rejoin long-absent parents inside the United States, schools try to ease the transition.

On a scale of one to Deepak Chopra, how transformed do you want to feel when you return home from your next trip?

Every animal seems to like hanging out with this friendly creature that looks like a rat-pig hybrid. Even crocodiles!

Why we love this $899-per-person vacation : You'll stay in Umbria, a region that evokes Tuscan landscapes of olive groves and vineyards but has fewer crowds...

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This casual; yet, sophisticated private spa provides a calming energy amidst the bustling nature of downtown Chicago loop.

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Boldly living in the heart of Chicago's theater, arts, and shopping district, theWit Hotel stands as an homage to creativity and expression. With features like eye-popping design, stunning views, and innovative culinary creations, a stay at theWit is to experience an adventure that doesn't start until after you reach your destination.

Find out more about the AMA Physician’s Recognition Award credit system and its benefits for physicians for meeting CME requirements.

Landmark Forum Leader Balvinder Singh Sodhi talks about what it takes to be leader, and how it's a created quality, not an inborn quality.