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IoT & Avaya delivers intelligent outcomes. The video shows a thrilling slot car Police chase scene, simulating the originating of an eCall as a result from a...

Inspiration is all about the power of persuasion.
The Supreme Court is a place where we look for legal direction. It’s also a place where we can and should look for legal inspiration.
The writing offered by the Supreme Court often comes...

I was recently reminded of the need for good consistent communication by community member Abdelhadi Bukres. He correctly pointed out that it has been too long since I last updated you on the status of...

We're loving the relaxed, resort vibe that woven, wicker, and raffia accessories add to an outfit. From straw hats to braided bags and even raffia slides and mules, this trend is only growing. Take a look at some of our favorite ways to style woven accessories with your summer wardrobe!

Getting bored of the greys and whites of your office workstation? Here are some easy decor ideas which you can implement to lend a personalised touch to your desk.

Chris MacFarland, CEO of Masergy, helps some of the world’s largest organizations migrate and protect their data in the cloud.

LONDON, May 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- With an anticipated global connected vehicles parc of more than 200 million by...

Rice University researchers created a deep learning, software coding application called BAYOU that can help human programmers work with APIs.

ED A-listers Stephen Alesch and Robin Standefer of Roman and Williams have a fever. The only prescription? More ceramics.

VMware accounts for a major chunk of the modern-day infrastructure virtualization landscape. It is often the vendor of choice for organizations because of best-in-class features and services. With the proliferation of cloud computing, there is a major shift is underway in the IT strategies of organizations toward integrating cloud platforms with their existing infrastructure. Native VMware organizations are heavily dependent on technologies like vSphere, ESXi, vCenter…

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New study pin-points yet another barrier to the global shift to EVs – and it’s coming up at the point of sale. The research adds a new party to the list of incumbent industry groups whose bus…

Unions welcome transition of Liddell site from coal to clean energy, as Coalition government lurches from worst of Trump’s America and Maduro’s Venezuela.

What are the current dangers in mobile technology and what are the strategies to keep yourself protected? Join host Steve Ragan from the show floor at RSA 2018, where he talks with Will LaSala, director of Security Solutions and security evangelist at VASCO Data Security.

Ideas and resources for having a royal tea party with kids - even babies; food preparations, items used for the tea party, grace and courtesy lessons emphasized

Website for the Illini 4000, a 501(c)3 charity which raises money for cancer research and support groups while biking across the United States.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are celebrating the end of their royal wedding weekend with the release of their official wedding portraits

Eastwood Guitars Savannah – White Semi Hollow Electric Guitar Sexy Double Cutaway Design Similar to the old Gibson Les Paul Signature The Savannah was first released back in 2003 and it was the first original design semi-hollow electric guitar from Eastwood. Its distinctive double cutaway design is loosely Gretsch-insp

Our expertly crafted agenda is created by our Advisory Board of esteemed industry analysts to keep you informed & your strategy ahead of the competition.

As with any attempt to wield a moral compass in the art world, Spotify’s new hate content-fighting policy comes with a Pandora’s box of questions for listeners and artists themselves. Here are the big ones.

This post shows the minimal setup that is required to use the Chrome Developer Tools (DevTools) inspector to debug and inspect a Node.js application that is running on OpenShift.

Hyping up the Nerd Cred! This episode is an official Public Meeting. The new West Coast Avengers comic looks great! The Kessel Run vs the Kobiashi Maru (and ...

Hyping up the Nerd Cred! This episode is an official Public Meeting. The new West Coast Avengers comic looks great! The Kessel Run vs the Kobiashi Maru (and I am not looking up the actual spelling of those). Some of the new Marvel #1’s look great. Some do not. Thundercats Roar is a thing. Thundercats + OK K.O.! + Adventure Time + Steven Universe. What Dal wants from the DC CW shows next season. The Dark Nights Metal soundtrack is still happening. Soundtracks…