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Columnist Sally Higginson has the info on the hottest holiday gift you didn't know you needed.

The Senate on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved an $867 billion farm bill as Congress appeared poised to pass the legislation.

Retired slugger Jose Canseco tweets his willingness to serve in President Donald Trump's cabinet, offers to "buff you up" with daily workouts.

In addition to sharing the conversation with her old "Live" co-host, Gifford expressed hope that he'll viist "Today" one more time before she leaves in April.

Write-offs encourage defaulters, affect credit culture, Union Minister of State for Agriculture Parshottam Rupala tells Lok Sabha.

Our eyes could serve as a window to how stressed we are, say scientists who found that pupil dilation can be used to indicate the mental workload of a person when they multitask. The demands of work p

President Abraham Lincoln wrote a letter ordering Union troops to protect his wife's family when they returned to their Arkansas plantation amid the Civil War.

Handwashing is one of the top strategies you can use to prevent the spread of colds, flu, salmonella and other germs that cause illness. The key to this technique is to do it correctly and for the proper amount of time. Several studies have evaluated compliance with handwashing in the general public and health care …

A report found prison staff's handling of a 36-week pregnant woman's labor and delivery was "inexcusable" as she was forced to do it alone.

401(k) retirement plans are taking a hit from the stock market drop. Declines are steeper for all-stock portfolios.

Director James Wan and star Jason Momoa have given Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment a much-needed boost.

"The FCC's proposal is a big win for consumers," said Scott Bergmann of the CTIA trade group. "Today, more than 50 percent of emails are spam, and no one wants their texts to look like their email inbox."

Candy canes are staple stocking stuffers. At Zubi’s, these sweets are handcrafted along with mango-flavoured Santa beards

The vote came after CIA Director Gina Haspel briefed House leaders on the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

The Chiefs quarterback was already wowing the league before he made a how-did-he-do-that completion against the Ravens.

It's easy for even the most jovial among us to become frazzled during the holidays. Here are some easy ways to manage holiday stress.

Holidays are just around the corner, and I for one am craving a little delicious nog. I try to steer clear of the commercial eggnog (non-organic dairy, that is loaded with refined sugar and often other unpronounceable ingredients). So I have been on a mission to make a healthy nutty egg nog recipe substitute adding in …