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You already know that it’s important to see a dentist every six months to reduce your risk of cavities and other oral health problems. But did you know that your teeth and gums can also affect your waistline, and vice versa? There are a few ways in which oral health and weight loss intersect. Individuals …

A woman is accused of sexually assaulting a 16-month-old boy in January, 2018.

A sculpture of a crucified Ronald McDonald will be removed from an art museum in Israel after the display sparked violent protest, Haifa mayor said.

Netflix's price hikes, including a $2 increase on its most popular plan to $13, could lead some subscribers to downgrade or cancel, surveys suggest.

Alleviate cramps, headaches and inflammation by filling up on certain foods during that time of the month.

Directs the libraryâs efforts in all areas of Special Collections, including research, reference, instruction, access, and preservation
Develops, directs, and assesses the work of the Flaxman Library Special Collections team. Responsible for the success of the workgroup in meeting library goals
Plays an essential role in advising, coordinating, and collaborating with colleagues throughout the library and the campus to optimize and promote the use of the…

Beto O'Rourke is behind the wheel of his car again, this time on a road trip that will take him outside the confines of his home state.

The vice president's wife is taking a job at a school that bans LGBTQ children and requires employees to declare their religious beliefs. That this is acceptable to the Pences should horrify and alarm all Americans, writes Clay Cane.

The Belarusan self-proclaimed “sex expert” Anastasia Vashukevich was taken into custody after being deported from Thailand.

★★★★★ Dr. Weller and his staff are professional and kind. They are thorough and truly care. Definitely one of the best, I bet my smile on it.

It's been nearly a year since Taco Bell released its popular Nacho Fries nationwide. The menu item returns January 24.

Hulu and Netflix have competing documentaries streaming this week on the disastrous 2017 music festival Fyre Fest and the fallout from it, "Fyre Fraud" from Hulu and "Fyre" from Netflix.

It was late June in Manhattan, and with the sun beating down on the tarred roads and paved sidewalks, the last thing you would imagine would be on

A report released Thursday by the U.S. PIRG Education Fund found that recalls of food have increased 10 percent since 2013, with meat and poultry incidents soaring 67 percent.

Bite into some of the unique food museums around the globe, both temporary and timeless

Older adults who move more than average may preserve more of their memory and thinking skills than people who are less active than average, a study has found.

Every January, without fail, I get a flurry of calls from clients suffering from the cumulative effects of the holiday season (unhealthy diet, overindulgence in alcohol, lack of exercise and disruption of other self-care routines, sleep deprivation, stressful family interactions and financial burdens, etc.), and wanting to hit the reset button.