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Bloomberg NEF says people-powered revolution in rooftop solar and battery storage, along with low cost wind and solar farms, will drive coal out of Australia’s grid.

As one of the city’s most influential African American organizations, 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc. provides college preparatory services and mentorship to ...

Countries also raise concerns about rise in Australia’s transport emissions and the use of Kyoto carry-over credits

Keith A. Hebeisen, partner at Clifford Law Offices, is scheduled to testify Wednesday (June 19, 2019) before the Illinois Supreme Court Rules Committee at a public hearing on proposed changes to a court rule. Hebeisen, past president of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association (ITLA) in 2005-2006, is scheduled to testify on behalf of ITLA regarding... read more

Tamara Simons is a general dentist specializing in dental procedures and services in Roseville, MN. Tamara Simons, DDS is located in Roseville, MN.

X-ray imaging is such an intricate part of dentistry, we usually don't think twice about it. Without it, though, the fight against dental disease would be much harder.At the same time, we can't forget that x-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation that can penetrate human tissue. It's that very

“Is there going to be math involved? Because I went into PR so I wouldn’t have to do math.” Sound like you? Don’t worry, Analytics are for everyone.

Co-Parenting with an ex is a struggle but by keeping some of these things in mind it may help the process go much smoother.

21 & over. Valid State and or Federal ID required for entry. Doors open at 10:00 PM. 1833 and Smartbar Welcome Teklife with... RP Boo / DJ Spinn / + more TBA

Linux security permissions designate who can do what with a file or directory.

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn What an honor to interview Kirk Miller this week! “Chaos to Remission” were his powerful words he used to des

Brian Courtney Wilson performing (Great Work) at the 2019 Stellar Gospel Music Awards

From the Daily Herald: Illinois’ law banning driving and texting is now five years old, and drivers caught violating it will face a stiffer penalty as of July 1. Scofflaws who text, talk or u…

Jack J. Casciato, partner at Clifford Law Offices, wrote a column for the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin (June 17, 2019) on the need for the trucking industry to install crash warning systems on all of their vehicles. He recounts how even subcompact cars have installed these safety systems on cars that retail for $14,000 and... read more

Lawyers are being warned about a “client” pitching a contingent case about a severance agreement. Law firms and attorneys in multiple states have been approached by someone claiming to be “Daniel R…

By using MapTool, most of a game master's work is done well before a role-playing game begins.

Juggling parenting and real estate is tricky, says this agent and father. Here is his advice for balancing both.

Endgame also won Best Hero for Downey and Best Villain for Josh Brolin, who portrayed the all-powerful Thano!..

Alan Bush, the Senior Financial Futures Analyst at ADMIS, talks Stock Index Futures as well as his perspective on news from the Euro Zone. Video Production b...

An effective legal operating model strategy can pave the way to a digitally-transformed legal department. A strategic plan will drive sustainable change, allowing you to focus on more efficient matter management, derive smart insights from data, and facilitate more effective legal risk management.

Points of Light, the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service announces The Civic 50 honorees of 2019, recognizing them as the most community-minded companies in the United States.

The chief executive of Redthread youth work charity says A&Es are the best places to reach young, at-risk victims of knife crime

Starting July 1, police will no longer give warning tickets if you are holding your device while driving, but instead you will now be issued a moving violation.

One of the biggest headaches for the users of customer relationship management software (CRM) users is duplicate records. Now, you have a solution beyond manually poring over spreadsheets and lists.…

Nothing truly great happens in this world without an ambitious person behind it.

By Leslie Athmer - Getting physicians engaged in your organization-wide initiatives while developing a MIPS strategy can be overwhelming. I recently had the opportunity to attend a forum where Dr. William Faber, Director of Navigant Consulting, discussed how to get physicians more engaged in quality initiatives.

President Donald Trump’s hostile response on Twitter to Draghi’s signal that the ECB could move to provide further monetary stimulus as early as next month...