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Just how public should a major CEO’s social media presence be? Consider these insights as you attempt to connect with your consumers and stakeholders online.

China's imports of U.S. crude oil, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and coal have slowed to a trickle amid the escalating tit-for-tat tariff war

By Steve Forbes, Arthur Laffer, Fred Smith and Stephen Moore Seize the high ground and give U.S. firms an advantage.

A woman was killed and a man was seriously injured Thursday morning when they were struck by a minivan in the South Side Englewood neighborhood.

Three men and one woman who say they were sexually abused by priests decades ago filed a lawsuit Thursday against every diocese in Illinois for an alleged ongoing scheme to cover up sexual assault by priests.

The second wave of big batteries – two in Victoria and one in South Australia – are going through the commissioning phase, and should be ready to join the main grid in time for the coming summer.…

A suspect in a Thursday morning carjacking in Orland Park remains at large after leading police on a pursuit that resulted in an officer being run over, a pedestrian struck and shots fired by police.

The European Union’s 28 countries are discussing whether to cede control of clocks to each nation; it’s “impossible for old people to change the clock on the microwave two times a year.”

Big energy CEOs believe there is still reason to be optimistic. It just wasn’t clear whether they were addressing their shareholders or their executives. Certainly not their customers.

Average daily volumes for bitcoin futures trading saw a significant jump in the third quarter compared to the last period, according to CME Group.

The Thirteenth Doctor and her new companions go to their first alien planet in "The Ghost Monument."

When the lights are on and the cameras are rolling, most government Ministers know that they must at least pretend to believe in and care about the impacts of climate change.

Alcohol poisoning occurs when a person consumes an excessive amount of alcohol. Alcohol can depress or stop nerve signals that control breathing and the gag reflex that prevents choking; alcohol po…

Retrofitting large architectural artifacts into a new house can add character, but takes plenty of time and money.

Poet Natalie Diaz speaks with NPR's Shereen Marisol Meraji about being selected for a MacArthur "Genius" Grant. Her work focuses on social justice issues and her Mojave and Latina heritage.

Missouri Republican candidate Josh Hawley used a Thursday debate to try to paint Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill as too liberal for the increasingly red state of Missouri, while McCaskill continued to hammer her challenger over his positions on health care.

A Jackson County, Missouri, judge denied a motion to vacate the murder conviction of a Raytown man after finding no evidence that prosecutors failed to provide access to a video he argued showed self-defense.

Vintage-audio collectors are on the hunt for coveted, ancient and pricey components to make their classic stereo systems sing. Here, how to start exploring and avoid the pitfalls.

If you are in your early 40s or quickly approaching, you are not prepared for what’s coming. This is the first generation where your 40s are different. There’s no loyalty anymore, so if you work at the same job for 20 years, there’s a good chance you’re getting fired because you earn too much. Couples …

From its responsive e-assisted steering to its handsome exterior, there’s a lot to like about the ‘effervescent’ new Mini, says Dan Neil. But everything that’s wrong with it can be traced to its battery.

Many American companies applauded the country’s move to pull out of an international postal agreement, but some organizations worried it could crimp the flow of global e-commerce.

A 36-year-old man from Belton, Missouri, Robert Hicks, will serve time in federal prison for drug trafficking in the north-central part of the state, the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Western District of Missouri said.

The Valparaiso men's basketball team was picked to finish seventh and the Crusaders women were tabbed to place eighth in the Missouri Valley Conference.

Winter looks wet and especially mild for much of the country, thanks to a weak El Nino brewing, U.S. meteorologists said.

Spot VIX at 20, size trade in VIX weeklys, elections. Host Michael Palmer. 10/18/18

Living expenses in Missouri are comparatively low, but our state minimum remains woefully insufficient for thousands of families.

California will reconsider life sentences for up to 4,000 nonviolent third-strike criminals by allowing them to seek parole under a ballot measure approved by voters two years ago, according to court documents...

If you can't set up a process to renew a domain, can you be trusted to run an economy?

A man accused of threatening to kidnap and kill a United States senator and his family has been indicted on federal charges in Arizona.

A meme that's tricking people into clicking on links to a voter registration page has become the latest viral way to attention police young people.