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Set between the touristic titans of Vienna and Budapest, Bratislava possesses its own under-the-radar charm.

University of Newcastle’s work on organic solar cells heralds a new industrial revolution, with flexible coatings that can be printed on plastic film or sheets in great quantity at low cost.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) electronic injury reporting rule entered a new chapter recently when on July 30 OSHA opened a rulemaking intended to remove many of the Obama-era requirements employers found objectionable.

A California bill would require companies headquartered in the state to have at least one female board member by 2019. What are the ramifications?

Yesterday, Amazon sent letters to thousands of brand-owner vendors affected by a new packaging program. So if you were wondering whether to design or redesign your packaging for the ecommerce channel, this might help you decide.

Anheuser-Busch InBev—no stranger to innovative packaging design—outdid itself at the 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament in Russia, with collectible Budweiser cups that lit up in response to crowd noise. Circuitry built into the beverage packaging responded to environmental sound with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that flashed, visually ramping up the fans’ energy. The cups had two levels of activation, so louder noise amplified the already flashing lights.

While there is not one product built to excel in every situation, our guide can help you decide which type offers the best windshield wiper blades for you.

United has become the latest airline to tweak the way it calls passengers to board its planes. Gone are the five lines used in previous boarding process.

PCI DSS compliance means ServerCentral's customers can better protect payment data across Enterprise Cloud, Colocation, and Disaster Recovery services.

"It is no easy task to untangle ourselves from the deceptive falsehoods we encounter daily."

Registered holistic nutritionist Andrea Donsky shares the all-natural home hacks to purify and clean your home.

Add comfort and luxury to your home with a Faux Fur pillow or throw from Arhaus Furniture.

A fall garden gives you and your family a reason to enjoy every last drop of the weather before winter sets in. If your child doesn’t like gardening, however...

The La Salle County Republican Party has not made up its mind on whether it will support state Rep. Jerry Long’s bid for re-election after harassment allegations were lodged against him
Party chairman Don Jensen said the county GOP is looking into the facts of the case before it makes a decision. He is unsure of a timetable when a decision may be made.
Last week, the Illinois House Republican Organization and Illinois Republican Party both pulled their support, including finances, from Long’s…

McCain, the longtime U.S. senator from Arizona who died Aug. 25, was included in the Emmy Awards' list of people who have died in the past year.

As the population continues to diversify, D&I of thought, experience and background are becoming the backbone of insurance organizations.. Download our white paper to learn the importance of diversity in the actuarial landscape in meeting the emerging industry reality.

The story of the painting is almost as charming as the image of the little girl and her dolly on a bench.

Welterweight, born and raised in Garden City, Kansas, we have a very special guest...Victor Ortiz! Join the team along with George Foreman for an episode with all kinds of jabs you don't want to miss!

The quality of the nation’s veterans hospitals improved over the past year, allowing VA officials to remove a handful of the poorest-performing centers from a list of high-risk facilities.

Mathias Cormann says lobbying regime ‘properly enforced’ and there is a robust framework to combat corruption

Photo credit: Sarah Craig, Faces of Fracking
In the last decade, the combination of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing--the process known as 'fracking'--has unlocked vast reserves of shale gas across the country, and unleashed a torrent of chemical pollution and environmental harm in its wake
Plenty of unknowns remain about the environmental impacts of fracking, due in large part to a lack of baseline testing before…