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Yen Jit Wong, 91, was walking home from lunch at a restaurant in Chinatown when he was beaten in an attack that was interrupted by an off-duty Chicago police officer, according to police and family members.

From hundreds of feet in the air, the U.S. Coast Guard helicopter spots boats navigating through large swaths of water. The tops of roofs are the only sign that the area in Brunswick County is a neighborhood instead of a river. While Florence has moved on, floodwaters still posed a danger in N.C.

Huge hurricane rainfall keeps happening as storms slow down, grow larger, and draw in more water.

OGDEN DUNES — A short police chase early Tuesday morning landed two men in jail and the car they allegedly stole in the Burns Waterway.

Our long, hot, swampy, soggy, fiery summer is finally coming to an end on Saturday with the autumnal equinox, marking the beginning of fall.

"Sesame Street" says Bert and Ernie, the the odd-couple roommates on the children's TV show, "remain puppets, and do not have a sexual orientation."

Parliament is debating a draft law that would revolutionize the country’s divorce laws, including abolishing child support.

An Illinois-based company plans to create up to 582 jobs at a new manufacturing facility to make material handling systems for the logistics industry at NorthWind Crossings Business Park in

Cryptocurrency mining detections increased more than nine-fold in the first half of 2018 compared with the first half of 2017 whereas the number of ransomware families declined 26% in this year’s first half compared with the second half of last year. In addition, ransomware growth slowed considerably, only inching forward by about 3% from the first half …

PORTAGE — The exact fate of the Portage police K-9 involved in the deadly attack of another dog at a local festival Saturday remains undetermined.

INDIANAPOLIS — The continuing decline in the number of opinions annually written by the five Indiana Supreme Court justices appears to have leveled off.

BEIJING — The U.S.-China trade war escalated further Tuesday, with China announcing retaliatory tax increases on $60 billion worth of U.S. imports, including coffee, honey and industrial chemicals.

Since the massive Pennsylvania grand jury report and an archbishop's letter claiming that the pope knew about harassment, Francis's popularity has been diminishing.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has come to occupy a prominent role as one of Silicon Valley's savviest political operators -- a behind-the-scenes Trump whisperer who's been able to shape some of the administration's economic policies in ways that benefit Apple and some of its tech peers.

A University of Mary Washington polls shows Kaine with comfortable lead, even pulling in 15 percent of Republican voters

RedEye compiled a guide to 10 luxurious city experiences (from least to most expensive) that are sure to induce sticker shock, from a few bites of oyster pie to a cooking class taught by a James Beard-recognized chef to a bottle service more expensive than a used car.

Yesterday news broke of a Microsoft Windows zero-day vulnerability with no workaround. There seems to be no patch available and the vulnerability is found in nearly ubiquitous software. IT security experts commented below. Allan Liska, Security Solutions Architect at Recorded Future: “The 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 both suffer from …

As more safety features and new materials are used for vehicles, repair costs will go up. All those add-ons should, however, mean fewer crashes.

The attack came amid debate over Wyoming's first grizzly hunt in four decades, which is on hold pending a federal court decision.

Registered holistic nutritionist Andrea Donsky shares the all-natural home hacks to purify and clean your home.

The Tribune's K.C. Johnson answers reader questions about the Bulls in his mailbag. Ask him here or tweet him @KCJHoop. Fill out my online form.

A fall garden gives you and your family a reason to enjoy every last drop of the weather before winter sets in. If your child doesn’t like gardening, however...

Welterweight, born and raised in Garden City, Kansas, we have a very special guest...Victor Ortiz! Join the team along with George Foreman for an episode with all kinds of jabs you don't want to miss!

Nine persons, four students and five members of the school staff, including its director, principal and administrative officer, have been arrested.