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Here are 9 reasons why your car might not start, from the battery to the alternator and everything in between.

Chile is located in the so-called “Ring of Fire,” which makes it one of the most seismic countries in the world. An 8.8-magnitude earthquake and ensuing tsunami in 2010 killed 525 people and left 26 missing.

A head-on collision between two buses on the Oruro-Potosi highway in Bolivia has left at least 22 people dead and more than 30 others injured, police said.The accident occurred on Saturday on the high

Blue Devils’ 8-1 run down the stretch proves the difference in 72-70 win, dropping Cavaliers from ranks of the unbeaten.

Wetumpka Mayor Jerry Willis said a senior center is severely damaged and the police department also was damaged.

President Trump wants to extend protections to DACA recipients, DREAMers and TPS holders in exchange for wall money. Who are those immigrants?

Vietnam-era vet Peter Turnpu died alone in New Jersey, but he was not alone at funeral attended by about 1,000 caring strangers who showed appreciation for his service.

The imprints of the art school can be found worldwide, from iconic buildings of Tel Aviv to household objects

As President Trump readies a "major announcement" on the shutdown, here's a look back at the major events and efforts to reopen the government.

Boo, a social media superstar, had over 16 millions followers on Facebook and was often photographed next to his companion Buddy, who died in 2017.

Dr. Brian Cole talks with Chris Zlevor, a patient who experienced three knee surguries before participating in the Aesculap Novacart 3D Clinical Trial. This discussion covers the process of partici…

While thousands marched around the country, nearly 1,000 women and supporters rallied in the rain at Public Square Park in downtown Nashville.

Chicago weather: A winter storm started dumping snow across Chicagoland on Friday, and the powder was beginning to pile up on Saturday morning. Brutal temperatures, lake-effect snow and strong gusting winds are also expected this evening.

Three gunshot victims are dead and at least seven people were injured in Chicago shootings overnight.

Potatoes are among the most ancient and basic of foods, topping the list as the number one vegetable crop in the United States and the world. These tubers have been cultivated for as long as 10,000 years by the Indians living in the Andean mountain regions and today are often considered comfort food by people around …