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Analysis - Non-communicable diseases are the current leading cause of death worldwide. And the burden is increasingly shifting from developed to developing countries.

Analysis - Two violent civil wars in Liberia killed a quarter million people between 1989 and 2003 and destroyed the West African country's economy. A massive influx of foreign aid followed that turmoil, ushering in a period of relative peace and stability. Yet Liberia remains among the world's poorest countries.

Staff at the Kakamega County General and Referral Hospital were Sunday involved in a frenzied search for the records relating to the birth of the identical twins born there, but separated at birth, 19 year ago. A DNA test conducted on Sharon Mathius and Melon Lutenyo by Lancet Kenya confirmed the girls are identical twins.

Rachel Dolezal, the woman who "self identifies" as black and stepped down from a senior NAACP post in 2015, says on social media that she's bisexual.

We try 14 kinds of ranch — America's favorite dressing — to find the best. How did your favorite rank?

A passenger on a Monday United flight from Venice, Italy to Newark, New Jersey, said she and other travelers discovered ants on the plane.

We asked Crystal McCreary—a yoga and mindfulness educator who hosts self-care retreats across the globe—to nameher five favorite destinations for experiencing mindfulness. Here's what she had to say.