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Gray, 25, was pulled over at 10:37 a.m. June 13 in the 3000 block of West Wabansia Avenue for a "registration issue," according to Chicago police.

Welcome to today’s episode of "How Can I Make This Work?" In my case, I was trying to view a folder of JPG images as a slideshow on Windows 10. As often happens, I turned to open source to solve the issue.

From the State Journal-Register: Illinois law-enforcement officials are “incredibly unprepared” for the potential upswing in impaired driving that could result from legalization of recr…

The paperless office may never happen, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be efficient with your printing strategy.

We recently asked our writers this question: what's your favorite "dead" language? Some of the responses were not at all what we were expecting. For starters, perhaps we should have specified that we were asking about programming languages. "Latin." —Chris Short "Middle English. Pre-Chaucer, really (which feels a little modern). Something like Malory's 'Le Morte D'Arthur' is about right." —Mike Bursell

In this guest post, Paul Mercina, director of product management, at datacentre hardware and maintenance provider ParkPlace Technologies offers a step-by-step guide about how, what and when to move ...

Getting an accurate count of the number of people affected by valley fever is a challenge because the majority of those who are infected never know they have it.

The Alaska Supreme Court ruled that a state law requiring the registry of all sex offenders is unconstitutional because it violates offenders' rights to due process. The ruling was issued Friday.

In the long-running television drama “Breaking Bad,” viewers watched the moral devolution of Walter White, a cancer-stricken high school chemistry teacher who tried to provide for the financial future of his family by cooking methamphetamine. He changed from a good man caught in a bad situation into a sociopathic offender who ruled over a crystal […]

by James M. Dorsey Russia has emerged as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates’ silent partner in assisting the Sudanese military’s efforts to weaken, if not defeat a months-long popular revolt…

In this week's round of intellectual property attorney moves, Pillsbury snagged the former chair of a global intellectual property practice, while IP boutique Desmarais opened its first office outside New York, and Feinberg Day landed a pair of seasoned IP lawyers including a former patent litigation practice co-chair. Here are the details on these and other notable IP hires.

Bill Cosby may be in prison, but his social media accounts still posted a Father's Day message Sunday.

Authorities say four teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17 suffered gunshot wounds to their legs.

Boom Supersonic will use Stratasys' F900 3D printer to create hundreds of parts for a demonstrator supersonic jet.

OSU is one of several US universities impacted by data breaches in recent weeks.

Horford, 33, has one year remaining on a four-year, $113 million deal and a player option he may decline for the 2019-20 season.

The Bronx-born DJ melds genres at breakneck speed on a disconsolate and deeply personal breakup record.

After weeks of worry from Bonnaroo ticketholders, world-famous rapper Carid B did indeed make it to the festival – but still, she faced setbacks.

It took more than a decade to follow up In the Reins, but its successor reveals musicians who’ve learned to corral swarms of instruments and styles into a newly complex sound.

This PILI educational seminar will feature a panel of judges who will share their expectations and suggestions for new attorneys to be effective advocates, and discuss the role attorneys play in

Gary Woodland quickly realised basketball was not for him after guarding Kirk Hinrich as the U.S. Open champion reflected on his first major title.

An extraordinary amount of deliberately “lost” water - the volume of Sydney Harbour - is being blamed for the extreme hardship faced by hundreds of Murray River farmers struggling to survive on zero water allocations.

The resident DJ at the UK-based Freerotation festival releases a dreamy, bucolic ambient LP, full of lush textures and birdsong.

Facing an extradition request to the United States, Julian Assange's support of First Nations sovereignty results in a gesture of solidarity.

Target customers Sunday reported issues checking out at stores across the country, after registers were down for nearly two hours Saturday due to a system outage that created long lines.

Bella Thorne posted topless photos to Twitter Saturday, saying it was to thwart a hacker. Sunday, she said she thinks the alleged hacker is just 17.

Actress Jennifer Garner has paid a visit to an emergency migrant shelter in southern New Mexico to meet with migrant families.
The Deming Headlight reports the actress visited the Southwestern New Mexico State...

"It's a tough pill to swallow," Frazier said. "It's never fun, especially with how much I've felt like I've contributed to this team.”