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The Deal $23 for a relaxation facial ($45 value) Collagen and Elastin: The Hidden Benefactors of Youthful Skin Some spa treatments can boost the production of collagen, which is vital to vibrant, youthful skin. Check out Groupon’s guide to the skin’s invisible foundation. A cooked noodle bends because it’s saturated with water. On the other hand, a uncooked noodle is dry and brittle, making it easy…

Without wax, candles would just be limp strings and important documents would be sealed with kisses. Put wax to work with this voucher. $25 for a Brazilian Wax ($55 Value) During a Brazilian wax, a licensed aesthetician removes unwanted hair from the bikini area.

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Choice of: One Custom Spray Tan (Level 1-3) with Prep Spray 30-Day Unlimited Red Light Therapy Membership From Sun to Spray: The Evolution of Cosmetic Tanning A tanning bed is just one of the ways humans have learned to give their skin a bronze sheen. Check out Groupon’s exploration of the evolution of tanning. Before it was considered a sign of a healthy individual, tanned skin was the sign of someone gravely ill. In fact, for centuries people considered pale skin a mark…

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Choose from Four Options $20 for one eyebrow wax ($25 value) $60 for one Brazilian wax ($65 value) $40 for one eyebrow, lip, and chin wax ($55 value) $40 for one bikini wax ($55 value)

Available for in-store pickup only; view store hours here. Milton Regent Hot Pot 3-Piece Insulated Casserole Gift Set Made with full stainless steel Maintains The Food Temperature For Up To 4 Hours Stainless steel inner pan Insulated With Polyurethane Foam. High Thermal Rating Ensures Temperature Maintainence For Longer Periods. Specially Crafted Handle Allows Single Hand Portability These Casseroles Are Sturdy And Virtually Unbreakable How to Pick…

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Like a mirror, an article of clothing reflects its owner, unless the article is a vampire’s mirror hat. Cast a memorable reflection with this voucher. The Deal $12 for $20 worth of new and recycled apparel and accessories This deal is only valid at the Belmont store.

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Stiff, inflexible limbs can keep you from beloved activities, such as pretending that a baby is an airplane or chores. Free your limbs and the rest will follow with this voucher. Choose Between Two Options $43 for 10 yoga or tai chi classes (a $135 value) $75 for 20 yoga or tai chi classes (a $250 value) Registered yoga instructors match breathing rhythms to their poses and transitions during Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha Flow classes. Their beginner and intermediate classes acclimate students to…

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Choose from Three Options $45 for one cupping session ($75 value) $129 for three cupping sessions ($225 value) $219 for five cupping sessions ($375 value)

Choose from Three Options $179 for three tattoo-removal treatments on a 3”x3” area ($300 value) $249 for three tattoo-removal treatments on a 5”x5” area ($400 value) $399 for three tattoo-removal treatments on an 8”x8” area ($800 value) During the session, a laser breaks up tattoo pigments, which fade as the body disposes of them through natural pathways. The treatment is said to cause some discomfort, but…

Choice of: One Haircut and Deep Conditioning Treatment with Partial Highlights One Haircut and Deep Conditioning Treatment with Full Color One Haircut and Deep Conditioning Treatment with Balayage

Choice of: One Eyebrow Wax and Lip Wax Two Eyebrow Waxes and Lip Waxes

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How to Poise Your Offer in a Multiple Offer Situation to Win So many markets across the country have limited inventory resulting in multiple offers. This p

Social media is about being authentic with your audience, and Facebook Live videos are nothing short of that. Here are 4 ways to leverage Facebook Live.

Under half of Oscar best picture winners pass a simple gender test, BBC 100 Women analysis shows.

High-profile cases of sexual abuse in gymnastics, swimming and other sports have jolted many parents. Some feel compelled to be more cautious in monitoring their child’s contact with coaches …

Maybe you and your partner have made the big decision to have a child together, or at the least, you’ve decided you’re “not-not trying” anymore. Either way, it is important to understand your menst…

Weight loss is one of the best ways to lower the risk of diabetes, and if you already have diabetes weight loss can reduce your blood glucose—also called blood sugar. Besides improving blood sugar …

Historically, alternative treatments—herbs, poultices, and other concoctions—were all we had to improve health and ward off disease. Once we gained better access to healthcare, our use of alternati…

Chicago, IL 60624
Women of Chicago Jazz
Programmed by the Jazz Institute of Chicago's Women's Jazz Leadership Initiative, a group of female high school and college jazz students, the evening will feature women who were mentored by Von Freeman, including Caroline Davis, Joan Hickey, Marlene Rosenberg, Margaret Murphy-Webb and Maggie Brown
JazzCity is a free concert series initiated in 1997 by the Jazz Institute in…

Bhatti emerged as a symbol of Punjabi culture: a Muslim who fought for Brahmin girls against the Mughal king.

In many states, minors can petition the court to become an emancipated minor. Emancipation is not a quick fix to family issues. Learn more.

Our journey began in pitch darkness. I came of age at a time when my family and our entire community, the Mehsud tribe, was forced to leave our South Waziristan homeland during a massive military...

Want to engage your LinkedIn audience? Find out how the LinkedIn algorithm works and how to make sure your content is shown to as many people as possible.

“Millennial” has always been an irritatingly nebulous word, generally defined as “anybody younger than me who has irritating opinions on politics or avocados.” No more, though; the dedicated pollsters at Pew Research have finally hammered down an exact age barrier for the generational group, presumably as a stopgap measure against them ruining the survey-taking industry, too.

NRS Crisis Services Supervisor Riley Dean Shares Why Working with LGBTQ Youth is One of the Reasons She Chooses to Work at NRS.

In this week's edition of our open source news roundup we cover the release of the 2017 Open Source Yearbook, WebVR, an effort to connect areas with limited internet access, and more.

Unofficial, provisional results of polling for 52 Senate seats released; ECP's announcement awaited.

Jeff Bezos, one of the world's billionaires, built Amazon.com into a retail behemoth — and anyone can learn from his strategies.