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The Beloved Community: How Faith Shapes Social Justice from the Civil Rights Movement to Today [Charles Marsh] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A noted theologian explains how the radical idea of Christian love animated the African American civil rights movement and how it can power today's social justice struggles Speaking to his supporters at the end of the Montgomery bus boycott in 1956

You have to love new Mets general manager Brodie Van Wagenen. I mean, you have to, right? He takes over a fourth-place team in October and, three months later, is taunting the rest of the National League with, "Come get us." Oh yeah. As Mike Tyson said, "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." But there's absolutely nothing wrong with stirring the pot. Why not have a little fun with this thing?

When Rebekah’s learns that she lives in a food desert, she starts a garden to provide healthy food for her neighbors. These books for African American follow

A few years ago, we began following the career of SUCH (short for Su Charles) who wowed audiences during Season 11 of American Idol and then began issuing some very attractive singles and videos. SoulTrackers responded in a big way to her debut album, Trial and Error.

Investments in intangibles related to AI will take time to show up in measured productivity.

This is a snippet of a lesson entitled "The 70 Weeks of Daniel" taught by Bro. Buie on 1/19/19. Contact us at 800-96-BIBLE or visit our website www.theisrael...

Chemistry professor Karah Knope, who researches nuclear energy elements, receives one of 84 early career honors awarded to scientists at universities and national laboratories by the U.S. Department of Energy.

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Published on Jan 7, 2019
New study finds that people fail to anticipate how gathering ever-more information fails to inform their decisions
You may think you are being prudent in taking the time to gather as much information as possible before making up your mind, but a new study finds that people consume far less information than expected before making judgments and decisions
Whether buying a new car, hiring a job candidate or getting married, people assume they can…

Many people’s beloved snack isn’t nutritional in all forms. But do you need to change your movie-going ways?

Lubbock police on Wednesday, Jan. 17, confirmed they're investigating after a video began circulating of alleged abuse at My Little Playhouse on 50th Street ...

Nursery Rhymes Collection By Raggs TV | Nursery Rhymes ► Watch more Raggs TV songs for kids videos: Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs ► Click here ...

Medical Assistant $13.00 $17.00/hr
We are a large privately held healthcare organization leading the way in providing high-quality, cost effective healthcare and are a highly recognized Healthcare group in Utah, providing excellent benefits packages and opportunity
Our physician specialists, and staff are here to provide the care and attention that our patients need and depend on. We provide Internal Medicine and Family Practice Care. We have…

(January 17, 2019) Four decades after it unfairly became a casualty of the “Disco Sucks” movement, maligned as a cheesy artifact of the era like high platform soled shoes and white polyester suits, Sister Sledge’s 1979 album We Are Family remains one of the most solid soul collections ever put on wax.

Perform the Client Requested Add (CRA) process to include maintaining email support, facilitating client approval requests, creating accounts, assigning new accounts to the registration team and creating monthly reports
Perform supplier scrub client lists for import and compression analysis and create client specific CRCI’s from supplier lists
Support system user acceptance testing of system changes created by the Professional Services team.
Create monthly client reports, weekly…

Title: IOG - Friday Prayer Night 01182019 - "De-Stress Yourself" Teacher: Bro. Thein Reader: Bro. Tanzell Please SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & SHARE! This is a LIVE Stre...

There's a different class of AI now. It doesn't entertain, simplify, expedite, problem-solve, or do work for us in a conventional sense. Its purpose is to assess, surveil and manage aspects of human thought, emotion, and behavior. We’re outsourcing self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-agency.

MLB Pipeline recently unveiled its annual All-Defense Team, but there were only so many spots to fill. It made us realize there were so many outstanding defenders across all 30 organizations. Evaluating defense is still very much subjective, with metrics measuring fielding still imperfect. Still, each system has glovework that stands out more than others, and we considered many to present one best defender from each organization.

When Jeff Gramm and James Pappas spoke at a local forum on shareholder activism in December 2017, little did the activist investors and close friends know that within a year, their two families would be engaged in a contentious proxy fight over Luby’s, a struggling but iconic Houston cafeteria chain led for nearly two decades by Pappas’ father and uncle.

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The first quarter of optometry school is definitely an experience I don’t think I will ever forget. It was a mix of every emotion you can imagine- happiness, loneliness, stress, excitement, and a l…

Work with the Providers, Office Manager, and other Medical Assistants to maintain an organized flow of patient care
Work with the front desk in managing phone lines, scheduling, checking patients in and out, completing prior authorizations, referrals, insurance verification, entering patient information into the EMR system and other duties, as needed
Assist in patient care with rooming, sterilization, prepping trays and rooms as needed, taking vitals…

A nutritionist offers a few tips for those looking for some effective but easy tweaks

View a customizable dashboard of how a town or city has been doing across a number of measures.

Two short videos explain why it is important in child welfare to recognize that every family has strengths and no family can raise children without help.

★★★★★ My dental hygienist was very professional and thorough. It was good experience

Before reading this any further, allow me to inform you that this is not one of those cases that can be whitesplained away by people who purchase their motor oil and clothing from the same place. It wasn’t a “simple misunderstanding.” These people were not “set in their ways.” These were old-school, “we don’t like negras” racism (That’s how they pronounced it back in those days...In 2017).

Martin Luther King Jr. is perhaps one of the most famous civil rights leaders in the United States. His name is synonymous with words like “nonviolence,” and “racial justice.” It’s easy to see Dr. King as a symbol for peace.