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Shortly after Abiy Ahmed addressed a massive rally in the capital, Addis Ababa, a blast sent attendees running. Authorities say at least one person died in the attack and its aftermath.

Authorities said there is an "epidemic on the Eastern Shore" of wildlife-poisoning crimes because it's "cheaper and easier" than trapping a nuisance animals or building a fence.

City Colleges' goal is to get at least 4,000 of its students paid, relevant work experiences either during school or immediately after they graduate.

The punishment for Monsignor Carlo Capella, who had been stationed in the District, approached the maximum allowed.

Contingency plans were drafted. Meetings stretched late into the night. The White House was briefed.

The former Arkansas governor's tweet was blasted online as racist, outrageous and just plain unfunny.

The owner of Virginia’s Red Hen restaurant has explained how things went down with booting Sarah Huckabee Sanders. An excerpt: The Red Hen is no bigger than some apartments, and the group table was impossible to miss: Sanders in a black dress, her husband, three or four men and women of roughly similar ages, and ...

[Intro to come from Laura] You’ll learn: [Bullets to come from Laura] Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher (With your host Andrew Youderian of eCommerceFuel.com) Welcome to “The eCommerceFuel Podcast,” the show dedicated to helping high six and seven-figure entrepreneurs build amazing online companies and incredible lives. I’m your host and fellow ecommerce entrepreneur, Andrew Youderian. Hi, [...]

Others say the approach to the crisis at the border adds to the perception that the nation's top-ranking Republican cares little about Latinos.

The Butch Lewis Act, which would give loans to struggling pension funds, is the last, best chance to save millions of retirees from losing their benefits, a Teamsters leader said Saturday in Independence.

Cedella Roman, 19, told CBC News she thought the Border Patrol officers might simply let her go with a warning. That was not to be the case.

SNEED: “If no Latino is sitting at the mayoral candidate’s table, then it raises a flag Latino concerns are not on the menu,” said a top Sneed source.

A surveillance camera in Flowood, Mississippi caught a woman's car skidding off the road, going airborne, striking a gas station sign and then landing next to one of the pumps. The driver is charged with DUI.

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Sarah's Circle, serving homeless or at risk women with daytime services- food, clothing shelter, housing and clinical services for domestic violence and trauma.

Independence police said Friday that Mike Becker, one of the men shot in a disturbance outside a Dollar General in late January, was not engaged in wrongdoing. They also named the other man shot, Kevin Hellebuyck, who later died from his injuries.

Boldly living in the heart of Chicago's theater, arts, and shopping district, theWit Hotel stands as an homage to creativity and expression. With features like eye-popping design, stunning views, and innovative culinary creations, a stay at theWit is to experience an adventure that doesn't start until after you reach your destination.

I love simple recipes that can be enjoyed as a elegant snack or make that perfect accompaniment to and evening meal. These honey-soy glazed carrots are just such a recipe
The honey and soy create an irresistible salty-sweet glaze that caramelize with the natural sugars of the carrots and result in a beautiful golden hue.
As a snack, serve on whole wheat or seven grain squares and garnish with a little cilantro or parsley. Or serve as a side dish with a full…

Oklahoma City police say a man who was found dead near a light pole might have been electrocuted to death while trying to take copper wire. The man came into contact with a circuit of "about 480 volts."