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The official National Hockey League web site includes features, news, rosters, statistics, schedules, teams, live game radio broadcasts, and video clips.

The Blackhawks didn't exactly have to crack glass in an emergency, and Jeff Glass doesn't quite fit the Eric Semborski mold. But Glass has been a worthy 11th hour goalie during the team's extended holiday excursion from coast to coast through the United States and Canada.

From the NHL Draft to the home opener, check out some of the best shots from 2017!

This alternative therapy is gaining traction as a go-to pain reliever. Find out what dry needling is, how it works, and whether it's right for you.

By Jesse Muhammad -Final Call Social Media- | Last updated: Dec 14, 2017 - 3:54:19 PM
Thousands of people from across the country and the world watched and commented live via social media as the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a serious final warning, from the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, to President Donald Trump and the U.S. government. Seated in front of him at the Watergate…

Santa Claus Comes to tha ’hood
Santa Claus is a result of a mixture of tales of the Catholic St. Nicholas, German and other European fairy tales that manifested themselves in the United States in the early 1800s that became transformed into Santa Claus, the patron saint of American capitalism and commercialism
Back in the day, every Christmas my pops used to blast James Brown’s song “Santa Claus Come Straight to the Ghetto” from the speakers of our 8 track stereo. The kids…

An international team of scientists —– including several researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory — – has discovered an anode battery material with superfast charging and stable operation over many thousands of cycles.

Jesse Muhammad gives 10 reasons why Blacks and others should take part in the Boycott Christmas campaign this year.

Official store of the Chicago Park District. T-Shirts, mugs, magnets, prints and more featuring park signs and historic graphics. Celebrate Chicago!

Choose Between Two Options
$26 for Conventional Oil Change with Wiper Blades ($34 value)
$49 for Full Synthetic Oil Change with Wiper Blades ($59 value)
Internal-Combustion Engines: The Muscle in a Muscle Car
An oil change keeps all the parts of an engine moving smoothly. Peek under the hood with us to see why they need constant lubrication
Beneath the guttural rumble of a car engine is an incredible amount of force. As soon as you step on the gas, fuel vapor mixed…

Programs & Events Programs Throughout the year, a variety of programs are offered by the …

Watch the NOI.org live webcast streams including the live weekly program every Sunday morning at 10am Central Time plus on-demand archives.

For nearly 150 years, BP has been contributing to America’s economy and its energy security. Today, the U.S. is central to BP’s global business, and we are committed to the economic vitality of the communities where we live and work.

Update, 11:00 am. Tuesday: San Joaquin County’s Chief Forensic Pathologist resigned Tuesday, one day after the release of his memos blasting Sheriff-Coroner Steve Moore for interfering with death in

The anniversary of the first controlled nuclear chain reaction marks an achievement of immigrants who served America in World War II.

Watch Toyota's 2017 LA Auto Show on Livestream.com. Watch the Future Toyota Adventure Concept (FT-AC) premiere at the LA Auto Show. #FTAC

(November 28, 2017) Publisher's Note: One of the highlights of every year for us is presenting the Lifetime Achievement Award as part of the annual SoulTracks Readers' Choice Awards. This year, one name shot to the top of our list, as a way to celebrate her unparalleled career: Valerie Simpson. And we also knew who we wanted to pen our tribute.

Research indicates that one in six men experienced sexual abuse at some point during their childhood. Post-Weinstein, it’s time to cast off shame and secrecy

1 in 6 Americans get sick from eating contaminated food each year. Your kitchen is filled with food safety tools that, when used properly, can keep you and y...

As cybercrime targets POS systems, merchants are at risk from sophisticated attacks by hackers. With each report of a new attack or security threat, keeping up with security best practices at the Point of Sale becomes more apparent. We encourage all merchants to take precautions with their POS systems that include protecting the software and …