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A public defender who handles immigration cases said the government has no answers for parents separated from their children at the border — and no apparent intention of ever reuniting those shattered families. Erik Hanshew, an assistant federal public defender in El Paso, Texas, published a column in the Washington Post describing the nightmarish process parents must go through to find their children. “The client meetings have been crushing,” Hanshew wrote. “One man sobs, asking …

Fiat Chrysler’s recall in May of more than five million vehicles, because of a flaw that could prevent drivers from canceling cruise control, has made it the car maker with the most recalls in the U.S.

Many stock- and bond-picking firms are paying up to hire mathematical and computer experts. They want these recruits to dive into pools of data in search of trading ideas and blind spots.

It’s been a stormy 2018 for markets, with volatility returning, trade tensions ratcheting higher and global growth proving less solid than expected. Investors looking for the financial equivalent of all-weather gear might find it in the Japanese yen.

Retiring baby boomers are reshaping the U.S. as there are fewer workers to support the growing elderly population—a shift that will add to strains on Social Security and sharpen the debate on the role of immigration in the workforce.

Once considered an obscure sport for kids, commuters and hardcore fanatics, cycling has evolved into both a powerful networking tool for executives and an activity that corporations are using to connect with their client base

As baby boomers move to smaller homes, they face a challenge: how to sell possessions they’ve accumulated over the years

Daimler shares fell sharply after the car maker issued a surprise profit warning, saying Chinese retaliatory import duties on vehicles built in the U.S. would hit sales and profits of the SUVs it builds at its Alabama factory.

More passenger data can lead to better service, but carriers know that fliers want some limits on how much of their personal information to use.

The ferocious 21-year-old shapeshifter comes through with one of the hardest rap records of the year.

It was the break heard all around the world. When USA basketball player Paul George broke his leg at a nationally televised USA Basketball exhibition, the dramatic nature of the injury caused an u…

The new IRS Form 1040 will be released next week, and it will be significantly smaller than the current version, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said.

If Trae Young goes as projected, Oklahoma will have a top-10 pick in the NBA, NFL and MLB drafts this year.

Alumni from some of New York City’s eight specialized public high schools are battling a bill in Albany that would eliminate admissions tests.

Alibaba and Kantar have outlined three solutions to improve marketing strategy in the Chinese market.