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I got a letter in the mail a little while ago that has to be a hoax. It’s from the North American Hunting Club, and the envelope said “We’re looking for people to test hunting products and keep all test products free.” There are pictures of a hunting vest, exploding targets, a GPS receiver, a Coleman heater, a knife and a rifle under the come-on
My first response was…

The state Board of Public Utilities announced Friday it has selected Ocean Wind, an offshore wind energy project proposed by Ørsted with support from Public Service Enterprise Group, to develop an 1,100 MW offshore wind farm. Ørsted and PSEG officials say the farm will power more than half a million New Jersey homes and will contribute significantly to Gov. Phil Murphy’s …

Keep an eye on your bow string
I should have known something was wrong with my bow. It’s been getting heavier and heavier, in terms of draw weight. I thought I was just getting weaker, but that’s not the case. And I should have known better
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If you shoot a compound bow, keep an eye on your string and cables. Check your limbs and any screws or bolts from…

Drop everything and go fishing
What’s keeping you from going fishing? There are plenty of places to go, and lots of fish out there to catch. Take a break from the rat race and grab your fishing gear
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There’s a saying in these parts that rings pretty true. “Fish Wyoming – 300,000 Coloradans can’t all be wrong.” We give our southern neighbors a lot of grief for coming up…

A backpack shouldn’t be bigger than the backpacker
As summer blows into the Cowboy State on the wings of 60 mph winds, my thoughts turn to camping. But those thoughts aren’t always based on fond memories
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When I was a kid, my dad used to take me into the mountains above Pinedale each summer. I was quite young when Dad decided I should carry my own weight – literally.…

Keep a tube of SG20 in your pack
While I was down in Texas for the Outdoor Writers Association of America conference, I found a new miracle product. It’s made for fixing waders, but I found another use for it
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I stepped up to a demo table at the outdoor writers conference I went to a while back, and the guys there were showing off a product that fixes…

It’s time for a new training collar
I have a TriTronics electronic collar that’s worked very well for a long time, but I’m afraid it’s time to replace it. And I might not stick with the same trusted brand this time
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If you train dogs or have a hunting dog or two, you probably have more than a few electronic collars for your critters. And chances are good they’re…

Community and environmental justice advocate Mayana “Yana” Ludwig is running for U.S. Senate on the Democratic ticket. The formal announcement will take place at noon on Friday, June 14th at Washington Park in Laramie, Wyoming. Members of the media are invited to attend
Ludwig says
“I’m excited to be entering the race. There are some incredibly important and timely conversations we need to have about corporate…

Governor Mark Gordon joined President Trump, Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta and seven other governors at the White House today for a roundtable discussion that touched on a wide range of workforce-related topics
The lunch-hour meeting with the President, members of his administration, and a bipartisan group of governors highlighted federal and state efforts to reduce barriers and expand economic mobility for America’s workers
“I appreciate…

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Last month, a driver said a brick-sized piece of concrete shattered his windshield when it fell inside the Yerba Buena tunnel on the Bay Bridge. 

Smaller companies don't have the revenue cushions large businesses use to absorb the costs of lost time and repairs due to poor infrastructure.

Get that pretty mountain bike dirty
I think Bike to Work Week is coming up. Either that or it’s already over. But that’s beside the point. Make this week Take Your Bike Out and Get it Muddy Week
You don’t have to go to Moab to have a great ride on a mountain bike. Wyoming has plenty of excellent places to ride, too.
Just throw your bike on top of your car or in the bed of your truck and head for the…

WDH 6-10-19
West Nile virus may be off to an earlier than usual start in Wyoming this year, with the state’s first case involving a Campbell County adult already reported, according to the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH)
“Wyoming residents should take steps to protect themselves and their families from mosquito bites,” said Clay Van Houten, Infectious Disease Epidemiology Unit manager with WDH. Mosquitos spread West…

Governor Gordon will put his personal stamp on the budget process and take a new approach as he builds his first budget in the coming months. The budget letter released by the Governor yesterday directs state agencies to make their plans for a two-year cycle, and any supplemental requests made a year from now will have to meet an urgent demand or be in response to an emergency
“I have asked each agency to look broadly and deeply when considering what they require…