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Crushed glass can be used in many applications today including epoxy terrazzo flooring, landscaping, glassphalt, and fireplace glass projects. Learn more.

Happy birthday to Brian May, guitar player for rock powerhouses Queen and, also, noted astrophysicist (really!). May was born on this day back in 1947, and we’ve put together a

With these shopping tips, you can figure out the best time — or at least a good time — to purchase almost anything.

Weeknights are busy during the school year, and there’s usually not nearly enough time to cook up an extravagant dinner. Here are 12 simple dinner recipes that are healthy, delicious and only require 5 ingredients (or less)! Spinach and Ravioli Salad from our Grow Fit Menu Garlic Shrimp Zoodles from So Fab Food (this one

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Insomnia Cookies is celebrating National Ice Cream Day with a free scoop with any purchase in-store all day on National Ice Cream Day, July 21.

The time to spell out exactly how much education you can afford is long before the first application essay is written.

Having a dog in an apartment can be challenging and destructive, but with these tips, you and your pup can live happily and safely ever after.

See the latest terrazzo designs from architects and designers in "Terrazzo Design Today Volume 3". Read our latest blog post today.

James Suckling-Provence, France - "Lots of fresh sliced peaches and cream and hints of lemons. Crushed stones, too. Full-to medium-bodied, layered and soft with freshness and brightness. Pretty phenolic texture. Mouthwatering. Drink now."

This webinar will provide an overview of the most pressing risk, remediation, and waste management issues associated with PFAS (perfluorinated alkyl substances). There are thousands of individual PFAS chemicals, although only a handful have been studied or regulated. The webinar will discuss the toxicity and the adverse health effects linked to PFAS, regulatory management strategies, and current approaches for managing and remediating and PFAS-impacted soil and…

The way people work is changing. Flex space, along with Furniture as a Service, can help commercial real estate companies meet the evolving needs of their clients.

This post is sponsored by Lexington Law, thank you for supporting brands who support TCM. As always, all thoughts, opinions, experiences, and advice are my own. Honestly, writing this post was a DOOZY! There are SO many personal finances hacks out there. I didn’t want to write you a short novel, so I focused on a well rounded list of general personal finance hacks which I knowww you’ll wish you’d learned sooner! Maybe in the future I’ll do a deeper dive on some…

Get tickets to DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS at Neighborhood Theatre, Charlotte, NC on 09/21/19

An asset light business model can help coworking spaces grow and scale in a rapidly evolving environment.

As we hit those peak summer months, it’s time to step up our wine and spirits game. This week, we’re spotlighting several highly rated bottles – grab a few of

Lexington Law Firm doesn’t just take the reins and rebuild our client’s credit; we also educate and empower our clients so they can maintain good credit going forward. Our primary goal is to restore your damaged profile while simultaneously helping you understand the nuances of building good credit. The subject can seem complicated at first, but once you learn more about what affects your score and…

A locksmith can help you out when you get into a tough situation with your keys. They can rekey your home, office, car, motorcycle, shed, or anything else you might have that requires a key.

There is nothing worse than coming into your garden to discover that seemingly, overnight, an entire crop was eliminated by insects. And once done, months of hard work can be

Moving into a new apartment can be challenging, but you'll feel prepared with these helpful tips. Take advantage of this handy apartment move-in checklist.

Humidity and condensation have homeowners worrying about their windows. Learn all about humidity levels and how to control (and even eliminate!) window condensation.

This post is sponsored by Lexington Law, thank you for supporting brands who support TCM. As always, all thoughts, opinions, experiences, and advice are my own. Last month I shared the 7 Habits Of Debt Free People, which you guys loved!! After talking to some of you, I realized that knowing the habits of debt free people simply isn’t enough. The reality is, we ALL make mistakes when it comes to our finances. Most people have had to focus on paying off debt…