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Volume 25 No. 79
January 8, 2019
The Portland Diamond Project formed in '17 with the intent of bringing MLB to the Pacific Northwest, and when it unveiled its T-shirts and caps, local fans went wild for the merchandise. Portland Diamond Project ( @PDXDiamondProj ) Media Manager Jen Beyrle, who also assists with branding and marketing, joined the group in June. She said, “Our logo and colors gave us an identity and people wanted to support that. People have asked if that’s what…

As reported anxiety levels have spiked, so has our collective interest in baking. Here's why so many people are unplugging from stress by turning on the oven.

HandPicked: Affordable Jewelry. Specializing in Monogrammed Jewelry and Gifts. First inspired by the culture of Mexico, we now work with small artisan groups around the world to design one-of-a-kind original accessories. Our collections are both classic and trendy, and include everything from sterling silver earrings to colorful jade necklaces. And with our Monogram Boutique, you can personalize an elegant cuff bracelet with your initials or a brushed silver ring with his.

Happy and Blessed 2019
God's blessings to your family as we begin 2019! We are so very grateful for your family's involvement in Our Great Journey. Life just seems to get busier and busier and we are thankful that you prioritize faith development, coming to class/faith group weekly and Mass. We are excited to begin second semester on January 6 and continue learning and encouraging each other as witnesses for Jesus Christ.

Brian Parks, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at BigCommerce looks at the paradigm of building vs. buying vs. leasing an ecommerce platform. Learn more.

Marketing automation tools and platforms are a startup's best friend. They can help take care of repetitive processes that tend to be time-consuming.

Cindy Bialy Discussed How Government Agencies Can Get On To A Path That Allows Fast Public Records Document Fulfillment And Streamlined Workflow

Once you have determined that it is time for auto glass repair or replacement , the next step is finding a reputable repair shop that wil...

We’re no stranger to Power Wheels modifications, from relatively simple restorations to complete rebuilds which retain little more than the original plastic body. These plastic vehicles have …

Whether or not you caress your baby enough can leave measurable effects on their genes, a study from the University of British Columbia found.