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Dermalinfusion is the newest treatment for clearer skin. Using a specialized wand, your skin can be treated in three ways: • Gently exfoliates away rough, dr...

Suffering from severe back pain? Read on for back pain relief methods to relieve lower back pain completely.

You have so much data and so little idea what to do with all of it. Here's how to get a handle on all your data and put it to work for better marketing campaigns.

Need a night out? I hear you! Here are 5 reasons to schedule that Moms' Night Out and enjoy all the health benefits friendship and fun have to offer.

Katie Elliot will be on our office Thursday, October 18 to provide Sweat Concentration Testing. If you are interested in an appointment with her, please contact her directly at the contact information below.
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In a great tale of opposites, lemon juice can be both acidic and basic, or alkaline. Read on to find out why people are talking about this, and what it means for your oral and overall health.

One of our Botox patients gives her review on her experience at Charlotte Plastic Surgery. Botox is widely regarded as one of the most effective ways to dimi...

Wiggly toddlers can certainly make diaper changes challenging, but a mom from the U.K. recently shared a trick that can make the process far more streamlined for parents.

Protein can help you lose weight and keep your belly full. But it's important to eat the right kind. Find out from the experts at WebMD which proteins are healthiest.

Give your basic Mexican dip an upgrade with this terrifyingly tasty recipe that layers refried beans with salsa, cheese and homemade guacamole, then finishes it off with a web of piped sour cream.

In her patient review of Charlotte Plastic Surgery, Krista expresses her satisfaction with the work that was done and how happy she was with the customer ser...

Mornings can often be busy, and these healthy make-ahead scrambled egg muffins make everything easier, because breakfast is always important.

Dental implant-supported dentures are becoming the "go-to" solution for many people because of their effectiveness, ease of placement and affordability.

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When you go to the dentist, the doctor isn’t just assessing your teeth. The health of your mouth can be an indicator of larger, more serious issues. In fact, studies

Can you guess how many toothbrushes have been given to kids since 2014? Smile Drive: Setting Our Sights on Two Million! Since America's ToothFairy began the Smile Drive program in 2014, volunteers like you and our generous corporate sponsors have collected 1,861,924 oral care products to distribute to families in need. If you've participated in a Smile Drive or made a product donation—thank you! If you've never hosted a Smile Drive before, this is the time to get on board! It's a fun…

Our Boston Sports Tonight crew plays a game of 'Guess Tom Brady's age by his hair, can you guess correctly?

Certified Microscope User Exam for AMED. The World's first Dental Microscope Organization. AMED Members from over 37 Countries have participated in the Acade...

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare industry is now the nation’s largest employer for the first time in U.S. history. But as more jobs are added to the industry — about 11.5 million over the next decade — more work is also being added to healthcare recruiters’ already full plates
To effectively and efficiently hire, keep, and grow quality talent in today’s healthcare…

Happy Kids & Healthy Smiles. Charlotte, NC Dentist William Linger, DDS, MAGD providing care for Children. Concierge Dentistry for the whole family.

Check out Lost In Vegas's thoughts on Led Zeppelin's ''When The Levee Breaks''! If you enjoy the content, please LIKE the video and don't forget to subscribe...

You've just gotten your summer routine dialed in, and you have to think about how to keep fall allergies at bay? Yes. But the good news is if you start planning now, your allergy symptoms will likely be much less severe, and you'll be able to enjoy the beauty the fall season brings.

Coming Soon to Davidson Luxury Waterfront Community Single Family 3-5 Bedroom Homes 2100-2850 sq. ft. from the upper $500s 704-714-0610 Davidson@meetingstree...

Providing candidates and employees with a poor experience doesn’t just bring reputational risk. It can also create a team with extra motivation to outperform you for a rival firm. A phenomenon known as the Immutable Law of the Ex sees us reserve our best performances against past employers.