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The tech industry’s unemployment rate hit 1.9 percent in April, down from 3 percent a year ago, according to new data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

A new poll suggests Americans are increasingly fearful of autonomous driving. How might this affect tech pros interested in working with self-driving cars?

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· find a better way of integrating faith with your daily life
· share your concerns and thoughts with fellow searchers,
Don't let the program's title throw you—as baptized Christians we're all called to some form of ministry in Christ's name. EfM is a worldwide parish-based program designed to help the average lay person achieve the things listed above, AND better discern his/her ministry and ways to implement it.
The complete program takes four years, but you sign up for a year at…

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Today only, The Home Depot offering up select deck storage and yard equipment for up to 32% off + FREE shipping on everything!

Brian explained what information is publicly available in North Carolina, how to identify asset holders, and steps that can be taken to protect or preserve an asset.

There is a great Dentek coupon you can print out to get floss picks for just 99¢ at Walmart! These are great for making flossing easy and convenient.

Understanding the transitional years of puberty in boys when hormones rage.

With the release of Lectures in Systematic Theology: the Doctrine of God, Greg Nichols has given us a feast that is marvelously pastoral and practical, deeply theological and consistently exegetical. continue

The postal service is bringing out new stamps! Not sure how it will work but we are all for it!

If you're planning an apartment upgrade, this list has more than a few suggested spots offering a shockingly good bank for your buck.

Leading source of News affecting African American community in Charlotte North Carolina.

VATICAN CITY— An abuse survivor, who had been disparaged for being a homosexual, said that Pope Francis told him that God made him that way and loved him for who he was.

10209 Willow Rock Dr. Contact Tara Neperud for more information. Helen Adams Realty - Ballantyne Office 704-516-3983 MOTIVATED SELLERS! Price reduced! Comple...

There’s no shortage of filthy adjectives to describe the perceived germ-dense recycled air circulating through your airplane cabin, but it’s not the recycled air that’s making you sick. We’re debunking the myth that recycled air is circulating germs.

The Carolina Country Music Fest is right around the corner and undoubtedly, veteran performer Toby Keith is going to put on one heck of a show.

The NFL unanimously approved the sale of the Carolina Panthers to David Tepper at the Spring Meeting in Atlanta.

The Workers Comp Attorneys at Ted A. Greve & Associates in Charlotte, NC can answer your questions on workers compensation for injuries suffered at employer events outside of the workplace. Contact us for a Free Consultation.