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She thought a life of partying would be so much more satisfying than being a “naïve” Christian Scientist. Several years later, lost and depressed, she began asking the question: Could God be there after all? And could He help her out of this mess?

An empty bottle can often be quite a nuisance. It’s essentially a useless, hollow, bulky and heavy container that holds nothing, but occupies space in your bag. Space that could be used to carry other valuable stuff. While this isn’t an incredibly burdening problem, it’s an annoyance and an inconvenience that man could do without, so we can focus on the real issues (like global warming, or relocating to Mars); and that’s where the Space Shaker helps us. It takes our minds off…

Volume 25 No. 83
January 14, 2019
Volkswagen of America has signed a four-year deal with U.S. Soccer, making the automaker the first presenting sponsor in the federation’s history. The deal, which runs through ’22, is valued at eight figures annually, according to sources. It will be USSF's second-largest deal, only behind its long-standing partnership with Nike. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. VW will…

Volume 25 No. 83
January 14, 2019
Joe Gibbs Racing President & co-Chair J.D. GIBBS died Friday at 49 following a "long battle with a degenerative neurological disease," according to Zack Albert of Gibbs had "undergone treatment for symptoms impacting areas of brain function in recent years." Before joining JGR, Gibbs made 13 NASCAR "national series starts" from '98-02. Gibbs was also…

HandPicked: Affordable Jewelry. Specializing in Monogrammed Jewelry and Gifts. First inspired by the culture of Mexico, we now work with small artisan groups around the world to design one-of-a-kind original accessories. Our collections are both classic and trendy, and include everything from sterling silver earrings to colorful jade necklaces. And with our Monogram Boutique, you can personalize an elegant cuff bracelet with your initials or a brushed silver ring with his.

Amazon’s popular security system, Ring, is billed as a round-the-clock sentry for homeowners. But lax privacy practices have allowed Ring employees to turn the security cameras into ‘surveillance’ devices, reports claim.

Volume 25 No. 80
January 9, 2019
Red Bulls GM MARC DE GRANDPRE remains a busy man this MLS offseason as the team builds off its postseason run to the Eastern Conference Championship. But despite leading a professional sports organization, de Grandpre fills his daily schedule around family. "Wherever my family needs me, that’s priority No. 1," he said. "Then we fill in my schedule around that.” De Grandpre took some time out of his schedule to speak with THE DAILY about what…

Jaguar Land Rover commits $40M to its electric racing team despite the company reporting a $450.4M six-month pre-tax loss.

A study by Accenture has predicted that growth in the AI healthcare space is expected to touch $6.6 billion by 2021 with a CAGR of 40% As on today, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are well and truly poised to make the work of healthcare providers more logical & streamlined than repetitive. The technology is helping shape personalized healthcare services while significantly reducing the time to…

As reported anxiety levels have spiked, so has our collective interest in baking. Here's why so many people are unplugging from stress by turning on the oven.