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If you're looking for somewhere to get away to this summer, check out these 6 accessible coastal destinations, from vibrant Blackpool to beautiful Guernsey, find out how accessible they are for your disability.

Do you ever feel addicted to social media or image-driven dating sites like Tinder? You're not alone. Read the experience of one disabled reader who decided to detox from online sites that were sapping her confidence.

A chain of cake shops has thanked a disabled campaigner for drawing its attention to access failures that prevented wheelchair-users entering three of its stores. Konditor said it was “ashamed” of …

Having you been looking for an accessible house but had no luck? You're not alone. Find out what progress has been made to ensure all homes are accessible, and what more needs to be done.

"This award is for every kid who is watching tonight who has a disability, who has a limitation, who has a challenge, who has been waiting to see themselves represented in this arena. You are."

The hotel’s Bankside location in London now features buckwheat husk-stuffed pillows instead of goose down, pineapple leather furniture, and a mini-fridge stuffed with vegan treats.

This month Jane Hatton looks at the additional and very beneficial skills that disabled people acquire, and how you can use them to your advantage.

It has been awhile since we posted a Red Roof Redicard promotion on FFB and this is a good one! You can earn double points for stays a vi...

LONDON, U.K. — Hilton has launched a “vegan suite” at Hilton London Bankside in London, U.K. The suite — created in partnership with Bompas & Parr and approved by The Vegan Society — offers a vegan experience throughout, from a plant-based check-in desk and keycard to vegan-friendly bedding and eco-cotton carpet. Responding to evolving values, …

Michelle Hough claims the "shared-space" road near her home is "endangering" her daughter's life.

Proposals to build Scotland’s first cohousing community for people with disabilities are set to be handed over to planners in the new year.

We've teamed up with Wheely Good Fitness to bring you 10 exercises to help you keep flexible and fit if you're disabled. We'll also be running 6 exercise sessions for all levels of ability, plus enter our competition to win a fitness DVD.

A Lindfield teenager hospitalised by Crohn's disease has recorded a Christmas song to help her recover.

Hearing aids are improving the lives of many who previously suffered in silence. Book your free hearing test & trial today.

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Stem cell trials are taking place all around the world and according to Professor Lyndon da Cruz mark a new chapter in finding a cure for macular disease.

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