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One of the more common trees found in landscapes and forests in Elkhart County is the maple. There are 14 species of maple native to the U.S. Each has its

Modern humans have existed for at least 300,000 years - but new evidence shows they left Africa earlier than we thought.

A lack of market neutrality and regulatory hurdles are also among the challenges European firms face operating in China.

If you were somehow able to see beneath the soil surface and observe the entire root system of a mature tree, you might be surprised at what you see.I think most people would expect to find many la…

In Tokyo, there were almost 900 groping and other harassment cases on trains and subways reported in 2017. But mobile technology is providing a deterrent.

Working less wouldn’t just free ourselves to spend time doing the things we love: it could be the key to staying within our planet’s boundaries.

Rising temperatures are causing the frozen ground that covers large parts of the Earth to break up, adding to the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere

From its relatively low melting point to its yellow hue, gold possesses a combination of unique properties that set it apart from every other element in the periodic table.

It's a clean and viable replacement for fossil fuels in transport, energy storage and power-to-gas applications. But public doubts around hydrogen safety are contributing to the delay in its adoption around the world.

When you love plants as much as I do, it's hard to pick a favorite. However, there are a number of plants for the landscape that I would not want

Founded between the years of 1945 and 1967, Golden Age universities have established themselves well among the ranks of much older institutions.

Members of the Pennsylvania Noxious Weeds Committee are hoping that adding a new species to its list will help address another invasive issue: the spotted lanternfly. The committee has added Tree-of-Heaven to the state’s Class B noxious weeds list. “Class B includes species that are so widespread, it would be

In Africa, 640 million people don't have access to electricity. Off-grid, solar power model PayGo is tackling this problem by combining cost-effective solar technology with the region’s mobile money initiative.

As the WTO’s Aid for Trade initiative comes under review, here are the key issues to consider in the context of today's fast-changing global trading system

The resurgence of geo-economic competition and techno-nationalism in areas such as 5G, AI and the internet of things impedes R&D cooperation, risks market fragmentation, and could trigger incompatible standards and norms. How can businesses and governments shift from strategic competition to strategic cooperation in scaling up critical technologies
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As China's middle class grows, domestic tourism is on the rise. From fearsome heights to city sights, here's a selection of images from the vast country's tourism scene.

In the past 30 years, China’s opening and reforms have powered its growth, vaulting the economy to its status as the world’s largest in purchasing-power-parity terms. On many dimensions, China is a global power. In economic terms, China and the world are deeply connected with each other. However, amid trade tensions and rising protectionism in many countries, we appear to be at a turning point. Will we see a new Chinese “Opening to the Outside World” or have we reached peak integration between…

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What can leaders learn from an air force fighter pilot? Join squadron leader and pilot Samantha Freebairn who will discuss her leadership journey, and the need for resilience and quick decision-making, particularly when under pressure.
This Betazone will be followed by a short panel discussion.
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Leaders today have the choice to leave a legacy that tackles the imminent climate crisis and addresses unprecedented levels of inequality, or one that risks ecological and societal collapse. How can leaders pave the way to set up the next generation for success
Dimensions to be addressed:
- Promoting environmental justice
- Bridging social and economic progress
- Creating an innovation ecosystem
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In China, the new electric-vehicle market is expected to achieve a 46% growth rate by 2020. What strategies and policies are enabling the accelerated adoption and deployment of electric vehicles and how can the rest of the world stay on top?
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This session will be livestreamed on TopLink and the Forum website.

It is once again time to discuss the importance of shade in the desert landscape. With the piercing heat of mid-day during June, both the garden and the gardener appreciate

Services such as TV, taxis and takeaways fit around our busy modern lives. Could education be the same?

Unprecedented technological change, global warming, geopolitical uncertainties, rising inequality: major challenges facing the world, and some of the big themes that will be addressed at the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting of the New Champions (AMNC).

Beijing is at the helm when it comes to shaping what a marine industrial revolution will mean for the health of the seas.

A young scientist who co-founded a clean energy start-up calls for a change in the culture of political leadership.

Some days it feels like we are gearing up for battle – a battle against the weeds and pests that seem to be conspiring against us. Canada thistle, em

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Also in this week's round-up: Swiss women take to the streets, the pensions time bomb and Facebook's new cryptocurrency.

Armed with new knowledge of boredom and the ways in which it affects individual performance at work, employers could look to allocate tasks in a new way.

These countries are leading the charge towards a cleaner environment, and they each have their own innovative approach.

Digital technology can rapidly transform how countries provide services such as education and health to their citizens, writes Nandan Nilekani.

Rapidly improving automated translation could help promote trade between nations who speak different languages – and break open the Anglophone world of work.

What combination of subjects and learning styles can best prepare us for the changes that emerging technologies will bring to our society?

Cities are driving growing demand for single-use plastics – but they can be a laboratory for new patterns of consumption, too.

From coward to apologizer, certain types of people will be held back at work, according to leadership expert Travis Bradberry.

As few as one in four Americans have money saved to see them through retirement, according to the US Federal Reserve. And even the older generation has not put enough aside to support their golden years.

Insights from the social psychology of groups can explain how new cleavages in society emerge when large shocks hit, writes a professor of finance.

More people die from breathing unclean air in Europe every year than are killed in road traffic accidents. Isn’t it time something was done?

Smaller factories situated closer to their target markets can allow global companies to operate more nimbly and help democratize entrepreneurship.

Researchers found that positive and negative memories can influence our risk of chronic illness and depression for decades.

By 2020, secondary pupils will be learning about environmental policies and technologies as part of the national curriculum.

The computing ecosystem must continue to evolve – maybe into the quantum realm – if AI is to come to full fruition.