Business to Business in Centralia, IL

Balloonist Al Reusch (seated) joins the ranks of pilots who have been awarded the High Fly Cup. Photo by Garrett Ford.
Clear weather gave balloonists two opportunities to fly and earn points at this year's Balloon Fest competition. Pilots were able to take to the skies both Saturday and Sunday mo

People came from far and wide to see the balloons take to the sky and light up the night at Foundation Park on the second day of the Centralia Balloon Fest.
The balloons took flight outside of Foundation Park for the Fly-In competition Saturday morning. The pilots tried to come closest to the ta

Chris Langley of Langley Towing of Greenville works to pull a Ford Fusion from Raccoon Lake where it had been driven off the end of Country Club Road late Friday night. Photo by Tim Ferguson.
The two occupants of a car were able to swim out when it ran off the end of Country Club Road into Rac