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Desert Hot Springs 13-year-old, Codi Pelton, has been on a heart transplant list for two years but Sunday, she received the ultimate gift. Pelton’s rare heart condition landed her at Loma Linda Chi…

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And smart irrigation products in particular have been a vital part of lowering water use outdoors
We asked two SoCal landscape contractors on the front lines of water-efficient landscaping, Shane White, COO of K & D Landscaping , and Val Silva, Irrigation Technician for Silva’s Landscaping Co. , for their thoughts on some of the…

As wildfires in the American West become more frequent and intense, their impact on water is just starting to come into focus.

Wondering if cheap insurance for young drivers is possible? Read some of the reasons behind why coverage is so expensive for drivers under 25.

Los Angeles-based Stout Design Build creates outdoor living spaces specially designed for SoCal homeowners’ lifestyles.

Speedy, affordable water tests that can be used in on location and even run continuously will help scientists identify disease-causing bacteria in under an hour and potentially reduce the spread of common illnesses such as diarrhoea, which kills an estimated 842,000 people every year.

"In most organizations, innovation isn't hampered by a lack of ideas, but rather a lack of noticing the good ideas already there. It's not an idea problem; it's a recognition problem."

Are we trying to tame innovation -- rushing into the error Rick Nason identifies of trying to use a "complicated solution" to solve a complex problem? It seems

We all want a clean kitchen and these kitchen appliances cleaning tips will be our savior when it comes to cleanliness!

Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply opened its first location in New Jersey in the city of West Berlin. Ewing West Berlin is the third location the supplier has opened in the Northeast/Mid-Atlant…

Desert Air Conditioning services in Palm Springs, CA provides air conditioning and heating services for Palm Springs, Cathedral City, & Palm Desert.

A1 chose to forgo generic candle scents like ‘Honeydew Melon,’or ‘Lover’s Rock,’ in favor of three distinct scents of their own.

Researchers compiled hundreds of satellite images to show how land in Southern California appears to "breathe" water.

$1 per square foot rebate (single-family residents can also choose to apply to SaveOurWaterRebates.com for funding - this will be available starting in late August)
Artificial turf can be counted as "plant cover" (you may use the rebate toward a 1:1 replacement of artificial turf for grass)
Single-family homes - if there is a fence, hedge or wall of any type/height between the street and your…

A lot of food gets left unsold and uneaten, but some restaurants take action to make sure that food doesn't go to waste and can go toward a good cause. From high-end places to popular chains, here's a list of restaurants that donate food at the end of the day.

Our auto insurance glossary containing insurance terms and definitions will help you understand what you're buying when you shop for insurance.

According to past studies, three out of four parents have a tough time selecting the proper child safety seat for their kids.