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As more data are managed on the cloud, supply chain managers must understand the vulnerabilities of both emerging and legacy technology.

There's a new, surprisingly elaborate phishing scam targeting iPhone users. The scam starts with an email informing users that their phones have been locked due to

Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Events! Facebook allows you to post events for pages and groups, and from your personal page as well. Many of the options are going to be the same for all three of these, but not all options – and some options, once set, you cannot change. It’s a good idea to have an overall

This video made by Cisco does an incredible job of showing how the Internet of Things (IoT) based attacks are already a reality in the business environment. The Internet of Things is changing our culture. For us to see innovations in medical care, manufacturing, and utility services, we have to adjust to this new way

www.caitlin-morgan.com/machine-learning-in-home-health-care-the-rewards-and-the-risks/ Machine Learning in Home Health Care: The Rewards and the Risk...

At Kirsh & Kirsh, we have 107+ years of combined experience and completed over 3500 Indiana adoptions. We help with living expenses. 317-575-5555 24/7

For the second year in a row, the company will only implement surcharges on packages that are oversized, unauthorized or require additional handling.

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A dark day for Lifelock, the Identity Theft Protection company. It has recently come to light that the company may have accidentally exposed their customers to additional attacks. They recently fixed a vulnerability on their website that allowed anyone with...

Changing bad habits of elderly parents can be tough. Contact us for all your elderly care service needs today!

Alphabot, specially built for the retailer, will work with employees at the Salem, New Hampshire, store to speed fulfillment of pickup orders.

Nursing homes and skilled care facilities have a duty to provide their patients with safe, cost-effective care. While there are many methods by which these facilities can protect their patients, including nursing home insurance coverage, immunizations represent one of the best preventative health plans in the world. By protecting patients from vaccine-preventable diseases, nursing homes [...] Read More

Cyber attacks have become an issue of growing concern for institutions across a variety of industries. With so much of everyday life conducted online, it’s no wonder a new breed of hackers is intent on stealing information. How can you be sure your business is protected? In 2018, a number of high-profile companies

Deaths resulting from injuries – both violent and unintentional – are on the rise in the U.S., according to an August 2018 research letter.

Microsoft has made numerous ventures into the smartphone ecosystem, but so far, they've only been met with limited success. This time, they're trying something a little different. Instead of making their own Windows-based phones, they've created a

Rain got you cooped up inside again? Looking for rainy day activities for kids? Fear not, we have a cool list of 50 Fun Rainy Day Activities For Kids on a Check

A 44-year-old Kokomo woman and her three children are in critical condition after their van was struck by a semi-tractor trailer near Indiana Transmission Plant 2.

Google Speed Update Is Now Out. What Does This Mean for You? On July 9th, Google began rolling out the Google Speed Update that they first announced in January 2018. So why is Google’s new speed update important for you if you have a business website? Bounce Rates Affect Search Rankings According to Google data, a

Medical School: University of Sydney, Australia Board Certification: American Board of Radiology Specialties: Body Imaging, Gastrointestinal Radiology, Musculoskeletal …

Did you know nearly one in five Medicare beneficiaries – approximately 2.6 million seniors – who are discharged from the hospital are readmitted within 30 days? These unplanned readmissions are not only costly (an estimated $26 billion every year in the U.S.), but harmful for patients. Who wants to get out of the hospital and get worse instead of better? Yet, research shows up to 75…

The stability ball is a piece of exercise equipment used for strength training, improving balance and stability. Replacing the office chair for the stability ball is increasingly popular because of the potential for improved health, posture and strength, but you should be aware of both the benefits and drawbacks before deciding to use a stability...

Flying my Karma Drone Go Pro in our neighborhood. Everything went pretty well until I crashed into a tree. Did not do a lot of damage.

While many experts suggest waiting to file for benefits, claiming Social Security benefits at 62 isn't always a bad financial choice.

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Sunny summer days call for plenty of time outdoors, but plenty of people ignore the call for sunscreen. If your body is exposed to too much sunlight, it can cause damage to your skin that can last a lifetime. Here are some tips from Community Health Network pediatrician Sheryl King, MD, to help you learn the difference between sunburns and the more serious sun poisoning.

In recent years, the rate of hepatitis infections in nursing homes has skyrocketed. Here's a look at why that is and what can be done.

Little more than a week after investors hailed Lilly’s plan to spin off Elanco, it filed IPO plans showing the animal health unit has some growing pains.

Every year, more than one in three individuals aged 65 and older will experience a fall. Treatment and awareness of falling usually happens after a fall has already occurred. Researchers wanted to see if they could predict an individual's risk of falling so that preventative measures could be taken to reduce this risk.

Itinerary? Check. Passport? Check. Travel Guide? Check. A couple of inspiring books to read on your next trip? We've got you.

Feel like a princess at these dreamy fairytale escapes straight out of a Disney movie.

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With the business world rapidly moving towards the digitization of documents, mobile scanning apps are becoming necessary for both work and personal use. However, in our day-to-day interactions, we encounter entities, such as the government or doctor’s office that require old-fashioned forms that are printed on