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The Deal $30 for a massage and wellness consultation ($75 value) Prior to the 60-minute massage, patients undergo a consultation to discuss which massage type will work best for them, such as Swedish and deep tissue, which aim to release tension in muscles and connective tissues.

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Migraine Headache Treatment & Cures
This website is dedicated to those sufferers who have exhausted their efforts in seeking an end to their pain problems, have endured years of unsuccessful treatment, have tried a countless number of drugs and have given up on hope of a promise for a better life
This website explains the reasons behind your pain and outlines for you the modern techniques that can cure your problem!
All of our treatments are GUARANTEED!!! Please read the Our Guarantee page…

Vision insurance and discount plans can significantly lower your cost of eye care and prescription eyewear.

This post is sponsored by Greenridge Realty, West Michigan’s go-to organization for those looking to buy or sell. Have Real Estate questions? Contact Greenridge Realty. The holiday season has been upon us for a couple weeks and, for many of us, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without a visit from Santa. Although many children dream of Santa coming down their chimneys, why stay up …

What are your eyeglasses saying about you? Get the perfect look to showcase your personality.

Detroit's Channel 4 show, Live in the D, had Bright Side Dental's Dr. Neme on to talk about the best and worst types of candy for your teeth. He also explain...

Invisalign isn't just a great option for adults, it works for teens too! There are several advantages to Invisalign compared to braces: Fewer appointments, n...

Dental health means more than everyday brushing and flossing, which are still critical. Here are some acts tooth doc wishes you knew.

School can put pressure on children and parents. As a parent, you may worry about things like your child’s academic performance, health and relationships with other students and teachers. And while you can’t keep an eye on your child at school, you can encourage healthy habits starting at a young age
Explore this infographic to learn important ways you can support your child’s health from preschool to graduation day. Download infographic as a PDF .
Visit our health library for more tips from…

What are the most important factors when it comes to raising happy kids? Here's what scientists know that you should, too.

You're not doomed just because you have a desk job. Here's how to fix the all-too-common problem.

Know when to take your child to see an eye doctor
Prevent Blindness recommends a continuum of eye care for children that can include both vision screening and comprehensive eye exams. All children, even those with no signs of trouble, should have their eyes checked at regular intervals. Any child who experiences vision problems or shows symptoms of eye trouble should receive a comprehensive eye exam…

Having healthy gums isn't hard: just take a few minutes out of your day to brush and floss. Read to find out more about caring for your teeth and gums.

Find out how cranberry, tea tree oil, and other natural remedies and self-care techniques could help keep you free of gum disease.

Get the facts from WebMD about the benefits and risks involved in common cosmetic dentistry procedures, including teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, implants, and more.

Find a primary care physician, specialty care and urgent care from IHA, southeast Michigan's leading not-for-profit multi-specialty physician group.

Find a primary care physician, specialty care and urgent care from IHA, southeast Michigan's leading not-for-profit multi-specialty physician group.

Don't Let Diabetes Define You
Get the tools you need to help keep your diabetes under control. By enrolling in wellness+ for Diabetes, enjoy exclusive members-only benefits for managing your diabetes, including
Access to diabetes specialists online or over the phone.* To reach a diabetes specialist by phone, dial 1-800-RITE AID and follow the prompts to be transferred to a Rite Aid Pharmacist. Hearing or speech…

Stair training simulates the steps at home and in the community, allowing for practice before discharge. The Dynamic Stair Trainer has adjustable stair heights so that patients recovering from orthopedic injuries or stroke can gradually use steps.