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Following an earlier contribution of data by Novartis to The Pew Charitable Trust’s Shared Platform for Antibiotic Research and Knowledge (SPARK), a cloud-based interactive antibiotic discovery tool, the company recently shared two additional datasets from its discontinued antibiotic discovery program.

CDD Ault's ELN audit trail feature gives you a detailed historical record of changes to your entries organized in reverse chronological order.

Join Abcam at The American Association of Immunologists 2019 (booth 509) for thoughtful troubleshooting and product information

The FDA's plan to give biologics and biosimilars distinguishable nonproprietary names is a well-informed approach that puts patient care first.

We spoke to Dr Jessica L. Davis, a pediatric pathologist at Oregon Health & Science University, about IHC vs NGS in the future of NTRK fusion diagnosis.

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Visit: Haley Bringel is a professional makeup artist who will go over how to get that fresh eye look in under 5 minut...