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When you reach for a bottle of acetaminophen, you may be looking for relief from a headache. But if you take more than what is recommended, the drug can damage your liver. That’s because when a component of the drug (aniline) breaks down in the liver, it can produce toxic metabolites. Researchers have now developed a new building block that can serve as a safer alternative for the development of new medicines.

Many life-saving medicines, including insulin, antibodies and vaccines, are derived from living cells. These "biologics" can be difficult to obtain and store on the battlefield or in remote areas.

Marcus Peter, PhD, the Tom D. Spies Professor of Cancer Metabolism, was the lead author of the studies published in Nature Communications and eLife
Scientists discover new kill code embedded in each cell to extinguish cancer
A kill code is embedded in every cell in the body whose function may be to cause the self-destruction of cells that become cancerous, reports a new Northwestern Medicine study…

The Michael J. Fox Foundation believes that a major hurdle in the development of promising treatments for Parkinson's disease (PD) is the need for well-validated targets linked to the disease process. By promoting critical target validation studies within academic and industry laboratories, MJFF investments can help de-risk subsequent drug development and ultimately accelerate the advancement of innovative therapies for Parkinson's patients. Part of our Edmond J…

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It can yield greater benefits, in less time, than a conventional workout, and may have particular benefits for older exercisers.